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Baby souls living in the crib

Let me commence today by asking you a simple question. Now, here’s the question. Are you perhaps a’Baby Soul living in the crib’, or have you passed through adolescence and finally achieved Spiritual Adulthood?Now, many may understandably be a bit puzzled by that question, asking for an explanation of exactly what I mean by the term’Baby Souls living in The Crib’. Well, let me explain.

I was listening to one of my mentors Dr. Paul Masters President of The University of Metaphysics on the internet a few weeks ago, as he was giving another very illuminating talk packed with spiritual wisdom. He said, that until you don’t need me, need any teachers, any religion to instruct you on how to behave, but instead learn to rely on contacting The God WITHIN for all direction and knowledge, you are, as he put it a’Baby soul living in The Crib’. Boy, he surely uttered a mouthful when he so correctly stated that TRUTH.

Yes, we all need some teachers, some instructors when we are spiritually young and therefore immature in a sense, to direct us in the correct way.

But in the long run, what these teachers should in effect be teaching us, is that The Creator of The Universe dwells WITHIN us and thus lives there 24/7. This is the Real TRUTH which we all need to fully comprehend. When we finally get this message deeply etched in our consciousness, we should no longer need an Earthly Teacher for we will KNOW, that literally everything we desire is WITHIN, with The God of our being. At that point, we will have grown up and will thus be Spiritually Mature.

So, where does religion come into the picture, many may say?Well, they could indeed be beneficial when you’re just in your infancy, that is when you are a’Baby Soul’. But , the only religion or spiritual teaching which will in the long run benefit you thus leading ultimately to complete Spiritual Maturity, is the one which teaches you to rely on The God WITHIN you. Once you realize this, you’ll be self-sufficient, and will thus no longer need the religion.

Now unfortunately most religions don’t want this to happen at all, for in the end we all need to face reality, and thus fully comprehend The FACT, that all religion is Big Business, which depends on keeping its members absolutely dependent on them, so that they can continue to prosper. This My Friend, whether you like it or not, is The TRUTH!



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