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Pastors fellowship together at luncheon

Almost two weeks after the government announced the expansion of the national suicide hotline, Bishop Simeon Hall yesterday said he has since been called to two different households as a result of persons wanting to take their own lives.

Hall said both incidents occurred within the last eight days.

According to him it is incidents like these and others that sometimes take a toll on religious leaders, who also have their own personal problems to deal with.

He said that is why pastors must set aside some time to unwind and fellowship with themselves, which is why he sought to host a pre-Christmas luncheon at his New Covenant Baptist Church on East West Highway yesterday, attended by pastors from eight different denominations.

“It’s not an easy job. Pastors all deal with pain, tragedy on a daily basis, but very few times we have people who minister to us. I thought we would just come together to make merriment, eat and drink and give one another encouragement,”said Bishop Hall.

He noted that in the last 18 months there have been seven pastors who for whatever reason went through divorce.

“The reality is this job can be lonely, burdensome and sometimes the only thing you have going for you is the call of God on your life. Our presence here today verifies our need for one another and we need to come together more often,”said Bishop Hall.

He claimed that there are 12,000 ministers in the country.

“People have no idea of the challenges we face. It is a very lonely job. Most people only see the exciting parts, but unlike other professions people know where our heart is,”said Bishop Hall, adding that every pastor should have another pastor as a friend.

Bahamas Christian Council President Rev. Patrick Paul applauded the idea.

“I think it is wonderful that he invited us to come and fellowship together and to be able to enjoy the presence of each other. It was a wonderful time to reflect over the past year and look forward to 2011,”said Paul.

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