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Hold firmly to the right leash

“Where no plan is laid, where the disposal of your activities are surrendered to chance or incident, chaos will soon dominate your life. To arrange your purpose and time are sure marks that you have a well developed and arranged mind. The person who makes success of his living, controls his actions and affirms his ambitions. His activities will experience progress in the direction of a well-ordered life.

One day a little boy took his dog for a walk, as they walked down the street the dog began to enjoy the walk. This was expressed as he tried to increase his walking rate and began to pull the boy here and there. The boy began to feel uncomfortable and afraid. Instead of controlling the dog, he held on tightly to the leash. Apparently, instead of the boy taking the dog for a walk, the dog began to take him for an uncomfortable walk. The dog was in control of the boy’s movements.

A neighbor saw the boy and the dog and asked with much curiosity.”What are you doing with that big dog?””The dog is pulling you?””Where are you going?”The boy replied that he did not know yet, but he would go until the dog stopped pulling him.”I am just holding onto the leash.”

It is pathetic that many people go through life like the boy with no definite purpose. They have no defined path and trust merely to”luck”incidents or some kind of fortune, which will take them to an unplanned destiny. We cannot afford to let circumstances dictate our future.

There are persons and situations that constantly try to pull us this way and that. We need to be self-directed by our vision and keep our goals in focus. At festive times of the year, we are bombarded with advertisement, skills and creativity of merchants to improve sales. There are demands of children, expectations of adults, the slavery of culture and the sensitive emotions that we have in trying to please everybody’s wishes. Many of us are hanging on to the leash of uncontrolled spending in order to satisfy our conscience. Indeed, many are trapped by holding on to the leash of financial destruction as they become a victim of the”approval addiction syndrome.”We satisfy the appetite of social approval, listen to the voice of the social clock and go headlong into massive emotional disaster, depression, anxiety syndromes, insomnia, damaged relationships and often complete self-destruction. We do not have to be a financial sacrificial lamb in order to gain the good will of persons in our lives

Like the little boy who thought that he was taking the dog for a walk, but soon found that as he held onto his leash, the dog took him for a walk in his own direction. We often feel that we are in control of our situations, but we soon have the wake-up call, that our life’s situations hold us captive. as we enjoy the balmy breezes of deception. When we stand against the wall of reality, we discover that we were hood-winked and we have reached a state of perhaps no return financially and socially. The sobering question is,”On whose leash are we holding?”It is high time that we stop, think and act wisely irrespective of the feelings of the voices that are around who are seeking to hold you captive.

If we are merely reflectors of other persons’desires or expectations, we are in a dilemma. When we decide where we want to go, then we will venture to discover which route will take us there. Many teenage children have been holding on tightly to the wrong leash. They soon find that they are in all sorts of trouble by going to the wrong places, participating, or getting involved in wrong actions because they have chosen to hold on to the wrong leash of influence and inappropriate decision making procedures. They will then be driven and tossed until they come to the realization that a change is imperative. If they do not subject to reason and good common sense, they will soon find entrance in the hard knocks of anti-social conduct, and take on the title”juvenile delinquents.”

Even though it is a fact that delinquent behaviors are often the result of social and environmental factors, lack of parental and community support, as well as economic challenges, everyone has the capacity to make right decisions. The power of choice is a powerful tool that should be utilized. They must analyze the influence of destructive social forces that impact upon their behavior. Delinquency is an individual level phenomenon of thinking that produces social misconducts.

Although there are schools of thought that delinquency among teens has a biological abnormal component, time and mind management can make the difference. The mind is their master which dictates the leash on which they will hold, and to what extent they will be driven and tossed.

We must individually pay attention to our aspirations, guard the edges of our hope and faith and ignore the pulls, the stormy days of indecision, and the allurements that are so attractive and enticing.

“Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. Whatever he chooses, his mind will create and manifest.”–(Frederick Brails).

Pansy Hamilton Brown can be reached at P.O. BOX N-10152, Nassau, Bahamas or e-mail: [email protected]

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