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Software development company says BTC is limited

A software development company looking to enter the mobile application market is critical of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s(BTC)current infrastructure, with the head of the business saying an upgrade is due.

CEO of Dreamsoft Studios Onan Bridgewater said the lack of modern technology from BTC is hindering the growth of a”smartphone”market in The Bahamas, and steps should be taken to be on par with other countries.

“The GPRS services in our country are a little more to be desired for, it’s slow,”Bridgewater said.”And when you’re looking at developing something for the Caribbean you have to really think about what we have and what’s out there as well.”

Bridgewater also said that other countries around the world are miles ahead of The Bahamas. He used the example of Japan and how that nation is able to carry out multiple day-to-day functions through their cell phones.

Dreamsoft Studios is a web design, sprite based imagery, 3D animation and software development company that has been recognized for its capacity to create a new generation of products that can compete in the competitive international market.

The company’s application, Lucayan Sky, allows users to perform multiple tasks from checking daily news to viewing real estate and job listings. Bridgewater said the application is currently in the beta stage, and it will open up new avenues through the mobile market.

“Certain stores are already testing the application, and the application is compatible with multiple phone models,”he said.”I think that the potential for a new venue for advertising and a new type of mobile media is there. It’s being done everywhere else.”

“BTC in its current form has served its purpose but with everything there’s evolution. If you don’t evolve, you go the way of the dinosaurs,”said Bridgewater.

Guardian Businesswas unable to reach BTC officials up to press time.

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