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All I want for Christmas…

A digital camera, game console, new car, clothes, perfume, the latest CD, a few hundred dollars, a yacht . . . and the list can go on and on. These are just a few of the many gifts that may make your wish list this Christmas. This is the season that everybody is wishing to find that something special that they just have under the Christmas tree. Everyone it seems has made their list and checked it twice to ensure that you get them everything nice. But did you ever wonder what could possibly be on your pastor’s wish list for this holiday season?Well we decided to ask several ministers of the word to find out just what would make them happy to unwrap on Christmas morning.

“What would I like to unwrap on Christmas morning is the spreading of peace and salvation for our nation. I don’t know how that can be[gift]wrapped but I trust God that He can do it. I want to see the hearts and interest of our fathers turn back to their children and their families especially the young boys. I believe that this gift has to be placed by God to be unwrapped in the hearts of men this season. If I could get that I would be really happy this Christmas.”

–Pastor Henry Higgins

Pastor, Creative Christian Arts Ministry International

“This Christmas I would want more peace, love and a fear of God, especially in the young people to occur. This is obviously something only God can do, but this is my wish. We need to be more love centered, show a sense of comraderie and open up to one another like we used to. No, I don’t want$1,000 or any fancy gifts. I just want love and peace.”

–Bishop John Humes

Overseer, Church of God Bahamas and Turks&Caicos Islands

“All of us are probably going through feelings of sadness this Christmas due to the increase in crime and other tragedies in our country. I really would like to see us go back to the times when things were better. At the time when we gained our Independence in 1973, crime was low, employment was high and people were friendly and not so selfish and self-centered. Back then we had far less, but we were more willing to share. I would like to open up a gift on Christmas morning that will show me how to get back to those happy days. I am just bleeding for our country inside and there is not a day that I do not pray for us. I just would like to be given the direction that I need to take as a leader to help deliver this Bahamas. I quote 2 Chronicles 7:14: If my people, which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

–Reverend Emily Demeritte

Pastor, Good Shepherd Mehodist Church

“I would like to unwrap the gift of healing and salvation. These are gifts for all persons especially for those in need. These are the gifts that were purchased by Christ on Calvary. The gift of salvation is eternal life. Part of Romans 6:23 says that the gift of God is eternal life. So this Christmas I would like to unwrap it and give it to everyone even though this is something that we all have to receive individually.”

–Pastor Jay Simms

Senior Pastor, Christian Life Church

“I would wish to have more Assemblies of God churches. This way we can share the gospel more and touch more lives. I’d want to unwrap the way to get rid of all this crime in this country as well. This is my wish.”

–Reverend Vernon Moses

Former Superintendent, Assemblies of God

“I would love to receive order in our country. I can really look forward to unwrapping that. That is the gift I want. I’m not just saying it. This is what I really really want for us all. Personally I am alright. God has blessed my family and I greatly, so I would really like to see order and peace in this nation. That would really be a gift to me.

–Apostle Raymond Wells

Senior Pastor, Living Waters Kingdom Ministries

“I am not really looking forward to unwrapping anything. I see Christmas as another time of thanksgiving and praise that you can spend with your family. So I’m looking forward to spending time with my family.”

–Bishop Drexel Gomez

Retired Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of The Bahamas and Turks&Caicos Islands

“What I would really like to unwrap is more Christ-centered spirits. We all need this because we need to be able to love and care for one another more in this country. There is so much violence and hate spreading all around. We’ve all become so materialistic and we forget the virtues of humanity and Christ-likeness. All we want to do is grab, grab, grab, so I would like to see a spirit of unity, love and peace grow among us as my gift this year.”

–Rev. Dr. William Thompson

Senior Pastor, Faith United Missionary Baptist Church

“I would like the gift of peace and understanding. By that I am referring to what I am seeing every day in this country recently. As I move about in and through the streets of New Providence I get the impression that people are anxious and worked up. Lots of young men also seem really angry as well which can be seen most in the unacceptable rise in crime in our country. Peace and love–that is what this season is supposed to be about. The Lord came down to give this to us and right now many of us need to accept this into our lives. We are a blessed and beautiful place, but it seems that a small group of us want to disrupt this harmony because they do not have that sense of inner harmony or trust that comes with abiding in Christ. So because of this I want more peace this Christmas. In terms of understanding, we need to be able to look beyond our own needs and selfishness so that we can see the people who are hurting and in need so we can put ourselves to help them rather than worry about ourselves. I would love to see this happen for our country this Christmas. That would be a wonderful gift.”

–Pastor Leonard Johnson

President, Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission

“I would like to unwrap a Bahamas free from crime and violence. A Bahamas that has returned to its former self with God’s principles and precepts in the forefront. A loving, sharing Bahamas. A Bahamas where people are able to walk away peacefully from conflicts. I want a blessed Bahamas.”

–Reverend Dr. Philip McPhee

Senior pastor, Mt. Calvary Baptist Cathedral

“That is not an easy question. There are so many people out there that need hope. Some of them are in really desperate situations and I hope they find the peace they need this Christmas. I want to unwrap peace and hope this Christmas so that I can share it, and people can see that there is always hope with Christ. I want hope and peace to be unwrapped in the lives of many people so that they can accept Christ and see the light.”

–Bishop Solomon Humes

Senior pastor, Church of God of Prophecy

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