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Motorists complain about inoperable traffic lights

“A nightmare”-that’s how some motorists described the situation involving a number of inoperable traffic lights that have contributed to traffic congestion and accidents across the island.

WhenThe Guardiantraveled around portions of New Providence yesterday several lights were not working.

The Guardianspotted at least eight traffic lights that were down. They included lights on the junction of Gladstone Road and John F. Kennedy Drive, and the intersections at JFK and Tonique Williams-Darling Highway, East Street and Wulff Road, Market Street and Hay Street, East Street and Bay Street, Fox Hill Road and Prince Charles Drive and Thompson Boulevard and Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre Road.

Motorists said yesterday that the inoperable lights present a danger to the public.

A man speaking toThe Guardianon the condition of anonymity, who works across from the intersection of Thompson Boulevard and Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre Road, said that intersection is particularly dangerous because of the high level of traffic that passes through on a daily basis.

Montey Sweat, an employee of Bahamas Battery and Tire, claimed that an accident happens at that intersection almost every day.

He said he witnessed three accidents back-to-back last week.

“The government needs to hurry up and fix this,”Sweat said.”It’s a really dangerous situation because no one has any patience and everyone believes they have the right of way.”

Motorist Edney Rolle also complained about the inoperable lights.

“It’s really frustrating especially for tourists on scooters because they don’t know which way to go,”he said.

A frustrated motorist who did not want to be named said because of the Christmas season, the inoperable lights compound an already irritating situation.

“Traffic around here is really bad and these lights aren’t helping the situation,”he said.”Everyone on the road is trying to do their holiday shopping and it’s really adding to the problem. It’s just a complete nightmare. The lights need to be fixed. It makes no sense for them to be out of order for so long. It’s very dangerous.”

But what is even more dangerous, according to some motorists, are the traffic lights that work on one side of a junction and do not work on the other side. That is the case with the stop lights at the intersections of Prince Charles Drive and Fox Hill Road, and East Street and Wulff Road.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham recently voiced his dissatisfaction with the traffic lights system in New Providence.

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