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Salvation Army passes halfway mark in kettle drive

The Salvation Army’s kettle drive has surpassed the half-way mark of its goal to raise$160,000 to help needy families this Christmas season.

The Salvation Army’s Community Relations and Development Associate Marsha Kanady said up to yesterday the organization had raised$104,000.

The kettle drive was launched on December 1.

“We are hoping to meet our goal, but we are not sure, it being so close to Christmas. We are praying that donations will continue to come in throughout the rest of the year but the kettles will stop ringing on Christmas Eve at 5 p.m.,”she said.

Kanady admitted that donations have been coming in slower than last year, and that could be due to the fact that persons who usually give are financially strapped this year, and could not give at all, or as much as they would have liked.

She said there are still many people who are in need.

“There are a lot of desperate people that are searching for all kinds of answers, and when they come to the Salvation Army we give what we can give-whatever has been donated to us, but there are so many more people this year asking for assistance. I can’t tell you how many people have sat across from our social services desk and social workers desk, and say can you please help us,”Kanady said.

The funds collected are not all spent during the festive season, she explained. Kanady said while there are gifts to provide, food parcels to share out and meals to deliver, there are other programs to cover.

This funding(is used)all year long to help with our school for the blind, our adult blind workshop, and all the different community and after-school programs. We hope and pray Bahamians will continue to give throughout the year.

People are knocking on our doors from the time we open until we close at night for some type of assistance. They are just not coming for gifts and toys. They are coming for food just to put on their tables, and people are having to decide to pay their rent or buy food. The elderly are deciding do I buy food or do I buy my prescription?So if we can help with the Christmas toy, or help with food or deodorant or some kind of hygiene product, that will loosen up funding where they won’t get their electricity turned off or they won’t get evicted from their houses,”she said.

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