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World record possible for Vanderpool-Wallace

Legendary sprinter Tommy Robinson once was in the world record books for the 300 meters run.

The late high hurdling pioneer Danny Smith also laid claim to a world record once.

He achieved his milestone in the 50 meters high. I know of no other Bahamian to officially be on the sports world record list at any time.

Let’s take a look now at Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace.

She could very well join the Robinson/Smith team before she calls it a day in swimming.

At 20 years(she’ll be 21 in March), she is a prime contender for much better times before her career is finished. She has come along at a swift pace.

In 2001, when Nikia Deveaux registered a 28.13 for the 50 meters(m)freestyle, there was satisfaction within the Bahamian swimming family.

Deveaux has since retired after becoming the first Bahamian female to qualify for the Olympic Games(2004 in Athens).

Vanderpool-Wallace however seems to be more tenacious.

In 2008 at the Beijing Olympics, she clocked 25.40 seconds over the distance. Earlier this year at the Central American and Caribbean(CAC)Games, a time of 25.53 seconds won the silver medal.

In Dubai this past week for the 7th FINA World Short Course Championships, she did a 24.37 early heat, followed that up with a 24.08 performance to qualify for the final and then garnered a bronze medal with a 24.04 effort.

That’s interesting progress. When one ponders what the best at the distance around the world have been doing for the last decade or so, it becomes quite clear that our girl could possibly get a world record. It’s a real possibility and not far-fetched at all.

In 1999, Therese Alshadmmar of Sweden set the short course world record at 24.09.

Marleen Veldhuis of the Netherlands owns the current short course world record, at 23.25, accomplished in 2008. In 2007, she had a 23.58 clocking. Vanderpool-Wallace is not far away.

With the present trend, she is a sure bet to crack the 24 seconds barrier soon.

She will have the opportunities both locally at the Bahamas Swimming Federation(BSF)Nationals next year, and regionally and internationally in the near future.

The World Aquatics Championships will take place next year in Shanghai, China and the London 2012 Olympiad is just around the corner.

This young lady could very well make Bahamians proud over and over again, before she decides she’s had her last competitive event.

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