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Bravado or ‘real belief?’

I always remember a particular flight I was on some years ago travelling from Miami Florida to Barbados in The Caribbean. There was a gentleman sitting next to me, and as usual we engaged in conversation for a good portion of the flight. He asked me what I did for a living, and what was the purpose of my visit to Barbados?I informed him that I was going to Barbados to conduct a motivational seminar for a major corporation on that island.

We talked about the vital importance of having a Positive Mental Attitude in life, and he said”Ever since I read Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s book’The Power of Positive Thinking’I’ve been a Positive Thinker”. However, as the flight progressed and we continued to chat over dinner, it became very obvious to me, that this man unfortunately was fooling himself into believing that he was in fact a Positive Thinker, as he was in reality extremely doubtful, and negative in overall nature. This was the true reality of the situation.

My Friend, from my observations over a prolonged period of time, there are a whole lot of people who are exactly like the gentleman sitting beside me on that flight to Barbados. These people are proclaiming for all to hear, that they are positive thinkers, and yet they are just fooling themselves, for in reality, they are so very, very negative. So My Friend, how about you?Are you really a Positive Thinker?In other words, when you for example say that you’re going to achieve a particular goal, that you definitely intend to achieve something great in life, is it’Bravado or Real Belief?’.

My Friend, if you really possess what W. Clement Stone referred to as P.M.A. that is a Positive Mental Attitude, which incidentally is vitally important when pursuing your goals and objectives in life, you will BELIEVE implicitly, that is 100%,that you will achieve those goals and objectives with no’Ifs’,’Buts’or’Ands’to it. In other words, in your mind, which don’t forget is linked to The Mind of God, whatever you’ve set your sights on is already a’Faite Accomplis’.

Yes indeed, a Real Positive Attitude results in Total Belief, 100%that you will indeed achieve all of your predetermined goals and objectives. It’s not just’Bravado’, it’s Real, Genuine BELIEF in your capability, to TOGETHER with God, achieve your goals in life; this is the way to succeed!Yes indeed it is!


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