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Guardian Business Car Review

Even though it might not be the most popular Honda in Nassau, the Honda Fit could possibly be the most ideal vehicle for the Bahamian driver.

No offense to the Honda Accord and Civic drivers, but what the Fit lacks in style it makes up for in efficiency, specifically at the fuel pump. The car is too big to be considered a hatchback but too small to fall in the mini-van category, but the owner will view it as a great ride regardless.

What makes the Fit stand out is its fuel efficency, consuming one gallon of gas every 27 miles in the city and every 33 miles on the highway. It doesn’t have a huge tank to fill either, with a 10.6 gallon capacity will make trips to the gas station more affordable when it’s time for a fill-up. If gas costs remain steady as it was this year, then a potential car buyer shouldn’t pass up on this ride.

The engine size for the Fit is 1.5 liters and is standard on both of the models, which is available in a Standard and Sport type. Although it may not be a powerful ride compared to other cars, but it will suit those perfectly who don’t have a need for speed.

Nassau Motors is one of the dealerships that carry the Fit, and a sales representative of the dealership said the retail price on the new 2010 model is$28,000 and toldGuardian Businessthat it’s one of the more popular cars among customers. The base price for the same car is$18,010, according to Brickell Honda in Miami Florida, and since it falls in the 65 percent duty bracket, the final price after clearing customs is$29,716.

The Honda Fit may not appeal to everybody, but those who decide to purchase this car should expect nothing less than a fuel efficient car that is the right size for the streets of Nassau and the right match for the driver.

Guardian Businessis giving the Honda Fit two thumbs up.

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