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Holiday traffic, high prices frustrate shoppers

Oh the traffic outside is frightful and for some last minute gift buyers downtown, the shopping is as well. Several local Kris Kringles toldThe Nassau Guardianyesterday that gift buying in the heart of the city of Nassau is frustrating.

Shopper, Chauntez Wilson, who was in search of a gift for herself from her father in John Bull, said as a former New York resident she became acclimated to easy shopping.

However, she complained Nassau falls short of the variety of products and convenience she enjoyed in the US.

“I find shopping a little bit frustrating,”said Wilson.”This whole browsing and not finding things is kind of frustrating.

“I find shopping in Nassau kind of frustrating because of the lack of selection and the inability to go online first.

“I lived in New York, so I could look online then go to the store and get it because I

don’t like waiting for things in the mail.”

Wilson said she has also been a lot more frugal this year, as gift buying in The Bahamas is far more expensive than in the US.

A number of shoppers lamented the fact that they were not able to travel to Florida this year to do their Christmas shopping.

Rickel Trotman said she almost never shops for her friends and family in Nassau.

She said, however, that she was enjoying her time shopping for her loved ones downtown, though, she grew increasingly frustrated by the traffic in the area.

“It’s been really great, but I’ve never really shopped in The Bahamas before,”she said.

“I always shop in Florida, so when I finally came here I saw all this traffic downtown and I was like what’s up with that-I’m not used to this.”

Trotman said she shops in the US for the deals, despite the inevitable import duties that bring her final costs very near local prices.

“Prices still can’t compare,”she said.”Last year prices were cut in half but when you add customs and everything, you still don’t win.”

Popular local DJ Chris’CRX’Miller said there was no sign of a recession downtown as shoppers seemed to be everywhere toting gift bags and wrapped presents.

“Despite what people say about recession and all that, people[are]shopping so it must be good,”Miller said.

Wilson contended that she would end all her shopping woes by doing the rest of her gift buying in just one store.

“Whoever I haven’t bought a present for, I’m getting whatever is in this store,”she said.

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