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Entrepreneurs wrap up Christmas profits

Christmas gift wrapping has turned into a profitable venture for some entrepreneurs this season, with a pair of wrappers grossing approximately$200 dollars a day.

While some may not realize it, securing gift wrapping tables during the month of December has been a big investment for Lakira Gibson and Alexis Bowe The pair of entrepreneurs toldGuardian Businessthat it cost them$250 for their space in the Mall-at-Marathon across from Kelly’s, money well spent when considering their$200 daily intake.

“It’s really to help people out, because Kelly’s isn’t wrapping,”Gibson said yesterday. The entrepreneur added that she saw the location near the retailer as a natural business opportunity.

The wrapping stall has a list of prices posted for the wrapping service, based on the size of the package to be wrapped, from$1 to$4. One of the obstacles these ladies face has been getting customers to appreciate the value of the service they are offering.

“The challenging part is getting the customers to agree with our prices,”Bowe said.”Some customers don’t, some customers do, some customers have a problem and think we’re too expensive, but if they knew the prices of the wrapping paper and the prices of the bows they’d understand.”

“Some people would bring these big, big gifts and only want to pay a dollar,”Gibson said.

The two wrappers are part of a three person team. They plan to open until 7 p.m. on Christmas eve, and were busy wrapping gifts at 9:15 a.m. yesterday whenGuardian Businessinterviewed them.

Bowe and Gibson said the venture has been about more than just the financial rewards. Gibson, who is doing it for the first time, said that the opportunity was special because she got to work with her friends.

“I’m wrapping because it truly and honestly gives me the spirit for Christmas,”Bowe said.”Just to wrap toys and gifts. And I like to help people out too.”She added that”you make out alright, too.”

On the other side of the mall, John Bull’s wrappers were in place and ready to wrap. According to Crystal Darville, John Bull takes care of the stalls and equipment and the wrappers are paid by John Bull.

“Tips are very helpful, when they add up it’s really good,”Darville said, but the real reward, she said, was interacting with people, seeing the smiles and saying”Merry Christmas.”

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