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Goldsmith supports PACBO Northern Bahamas push

Terry Goldsmith, once a top amateur boxer in the United Kingdom, has made his home here in The Bahamas for so many decades now that he is very passionate about his Bahamian-flavored status.

His love for the sport of boxing and the determination to drive its development in the Northern Bahamas and by extension the entire country, is of equal focus for him. Accordingly, he welcomed the opportunity to be associated with the Pan American Caribbean Boxing Organization(PACBO)as the Regional Director for the Northern Bahamas.

Earlier in the year, when he agreed to work closely with PACBO to foster the sport in the Northern Bahamas, Goldsmith spoke about”strength in numbers.”

“It is very good that at this time, the Pan American Caribbean Boxing Organization has decided to have a big concentration inThe Bahamas. It is gratifying that the Northern Bahamas is in the mix. I know we have a huge amount of talent in thiscountry and certainly in the Grand Bahama, Abaco and Bimini areas.

“In boxing, we have our share of really talented kids, boys and girls. With the full assistance of PACBO, we can now look to making the sporting dreams of more of our kids come true. The greater the number in the mix, gives boxing development more strength,”said Goldsmith.

He is the president of the Grand Bahama Amateur Boxing Association(GBABA)and Goldsmith also heads the YMCA Boxing Club. There is a plan afoot to now venture through PACBO into other areas of Grand Bahama.

High Rock is first on the table. This past weekend, High Rock Member of Parliament Kenneth Russell endorsed the proposed program that is tentatively scheduled to begin in late January. Goldsmith will help to coordinate the PACBO/High Rock connection.

Then, there is the Yama Bahama Youth Club in Bimini. This program was established by PACBO in 2009 and will now be attached toGrand Bahama. Vincent Ellis is the PACBO Director for the club and he is delighted that there will now be that association.

“This is good. I mean we have the desire but our club is young and once we are able to feed off a more experienced program as that in Grand Bahama with Terry(Goldsmith)and PACBO International, the better it will be for our boys.

“Let me tell you. Bimini is really the birthplace of quality boxing in this country. We, through Yama Bahama and Gomeo Brennan, put Bahamian boxing on the map. We here in Bimini did that. Nobody can dispute that. Well, I’m glad that PACBO International recognized the history and determined to form the club to carry on the legacy of Yama and Gomeo. I believe that once the local program is sustained, the future will see a few more Yamas and Gomeos produced from the Bimini background,”said Ellis.

Early in 2011, PACBO International plans a meeting in Grand Bahama. At that time, all of the boxing principals of the northern region will be invited to assist in planning the way forward.

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