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Turnquest optimistic about 2011 Davis and Fed Cup teams

The Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association(BLTA)is looking to field strong teams for the Davis Cup and Fed Cup competitions next year, based on the results from the recently held December Invitational.

Although Grand Bahama native Devin Mullings and Kerrie Cartwright prevailed as champions, BLTA President Stephen Turnquest was very impressed with the performances by the field of players in both draws. Turnquest noted that the improvements of Jamal Adderley, Johnathon Taylor and Kevin Major will increase the country’s chances at international tournaments. Adderley was seeded fourth in the draw but finished second behind Mullings and ahead of Timothy Neilly and Marvin Rolle, all past Davis Cup players. Major was fifth.

No final was held in the ladies division as Cartwright won by default over Larikah Russell. Russell finished 4-0 in the round-robin segment and Cartwright closed with a 3-1 win/loss record in the round-robin segment.

Turnquest said: ”Generally the tournament went well. We had some juniors in the draw who competed very well, so next year should be a great year for tennis. We should have two pretty strong teams for the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup, but the results do not indicate who will be playing in these tournaments, because these tournaments are so far away and you have to remain competitive.

“If you finish in the top five or six but don’t do anything for the next six months that will definitely affect your play, so there should be a measuring stick to see whether or not these players are keeping in shape and playing. Players like Justin Lunn, who was injured, Rodney Carey, and Simone Pratt who was playing in another tournament, were unable to compete. If they had, who knows… the final standings might have been a little different, but nothing in life is perfect. I am quite happy the way the tournament went and satisfied, especially to see the players compete at high levels.”

The Bahamas will play in the Americas Zone Group III, once again, at Davis Cup, set for the week of June 11-13, in Tarja, Bolivia. The team of Mullings, Rolle, Justin Lunn, Neilly and Rodney Carey failed to finish in the top two of the Davis Cup Tie, in

Puerto Rico this year. As a result, The Bahamas remained in the Americas Zone Group III. The Bahamas closed the Tie with a 2-1 win/loss record. The team was fighting to get out of the group after being demoted in 2009.

The Bahamas will compete in the Americas

Zone Group II in 2011, in the Fed Cup. That tournament will be played the week of May 14-16, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This year’s team, inclusive of Cartwright, Gabrielle Moxey and Pratt, were tied for third and finished with a 3-2 win/loss record. The 2011 season for tennis will commence in January and Turnquest expects all Bahamian players to be ready.

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