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Coroner’s Court to probe shooting of DEU officer

Police have completed investigations into the shooting death of Inspector Archibald Miller, who died three days after he was shot in the chest during a sting operation, police said.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Glenn Miller, the case file will be forwarded to the Coroner’s Court, which will hold a public

investigation into the Drug Enforcement Unit officer’s death.

Miller, 47, was reportedly shot three times in the chest at close range, while on a covert operation in southwestern New Providence with colleagues from the Drug Enforcement Unit, around 3 a.m on December 2.

According to a well-placed source, a constable on the operation fell asleep in a police vehicle. The startled officer fired his gun when Inspector Miller tapped on the vehicle’s glass to rouse him, the source said.

According to Miller that officer is still on leave. He did not want to disclose when the officer will return to work.

The announcement of the coroner’s investigation follows a call from one of Miller’s relatives for an independent inquiry into his death.

Glenroy McKenzie, who is an assistant superintendent of police, spoke as a family member when he made his remarks during an interview withThe Nassau Guardianearlier this month.

McKenzie was concerned that the investigators were not looking into the possibility that Miller’s murder was not an accident. Miller said he had lost confidence in Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade.

He said of Greenslade,”He appears to be more concerned about his public image rather than confronting this matter and having it properly dealt with.”I actually feel sorry for him because the new amendments to the Police Act limit his term in office and prevent him from being as effective as he could be. It turns the commissioner into a politician and takes away his strength.”

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