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Heavy winds mar Junkanoo parade

The reported 25 knot winds thwarted any chance of some Junkanoo groups making a grand showing on Bay Street yesterday morning.

The Saxons Superstars, according to the unofficial results, won overall. But some individual junkanoo groups suggested they would contest the final results.

Some costumes never made it to Bay Street due to the strong winds. Several costumes met their end in ditches on the side of the road, after the wind grabbed them up from their transport vehicles and tossed them aside.

The wind was so strong on Bay Street, that costumed performers were toppled over as they rushed through Rawson Square, where they were to be judged.

The Roots group started their march down Bay Street late because of the wind and were subsequently disqualified. Their disqualification angered some group members who argued that the parade should have never taken place, due to the wind speeds on Bay Street.

“Roots started late,”said group member Krystel Rolle.”We requested a grace period because our big pieces fell off of the truck.

“You’re not supposed to rush in winds over 20 knots, but when we got to Elizabeth Avenue, they told us we were disqualified.”

The Guardian’snews team covering the event witnessed a junkanoo costume hurtle off the back of a truck and land in a canal near to Saunders Beach.

On Bay Street individuals with large costumes succumbed to the wind, at some points tumbling over under the weight of their costumes and the force of the gusts.

One Family group member Darren Bastian said he questioned the organization of the parade. He contended that the winning banner never made a second lap as it should have and queried the judges’method.

“I really don’t think that the results adequately reflected the performance of the individual groups,”he said.

“It’s interesting to me how one particular group could place in banner when their banner didn’t make the second lap.

“There is something fundamentally wrong with that.”

According to Bastian, One Family may contest the unofficial results. Junkanoo results are, however, typically plagued with discontent.

The results revealed that the Saxons won over the Valley Boys in the’A’category, with the final result showing a 2,328 point win for the Saxons over the 2,294 points given the Valley Boys. Best Banner also went to the Saxons.

One Family came a close third place, only 105 points below the Valley Boys overall.

Chairman of the parade management team Douglas Hannah said he could not say exactly why Roots was disqualified, but that it was decided by a group of judges.

“We need it to be better organized,”said Rolle.

“We should have stopped the parade.

“It’s obvious they wanted to put the parade before the people-We fell on our faces(because of the wind),”he said.

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