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South Beach branch members upset about Hamilton’s selection

Some members of the South Beach branch of the Progressive Liberal Party(PLP) are reportedly upset that the party chose Bahamas Nurses Union(BNU) President Cleola Hamilton as its area candidate despite the branch voting to support attorney Myles Laroda for the nomination.

A party source toldThe Nassau Guardianthat some South Beach branch members are considering resigning en masse as a result of the party’s decision to ratify Hamilton last Tuesday night.

The PLP’s constitution says that when there is a conflict between the recommendation of the branch and the decision of the party’s candidates committee, a joint meeting should be held including the branch and 10 members of the PLP National General Council appointed by the party chairman in consultation with the leader.

That meeting would be charged with”amicably”resolving the matter and reporting to the PLP leader.

In the case of South Beach, the party source said this was not done.

There are also concerns within the party that the government may move to compel Hamilton to leave the public service. The rules of the public service do not allow public servants to be involved in front-line politics.

Another party source said Kennedy branch members are also upset because the PLP’s constitution was reportedly not followed regarding the appointment of attorney Dion Smith as the party’s area candidate.

Derek Ryan received the support of the Kennedy branch. PLP treasurer Craig Butler also sought the Kennedy nomination. Butler was also rejected by the PLP for the Elizabeth nomination earlier this year.

That source said no committee was appointed to resolve the Kennedy dispute.

It is unclear if the defeated candidates for the South Beach and Kennedy nominations will further pursue their grievances with the party.

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