Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020
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Fire Dept. probe focuses on home in Haitian village

Fire Department officials have centered their investigation on one particular structure in the Haitian village where hundreds of houses were burnt to the ground on Sunday.

Fire Services Director Jeffrey Deleveaux toldThe Nassau Guardianyesterday that the house is located in the southwestern part of the Haitian shantytown.

“We are looking at a building that was way down in the corner. We have to find out whether electricity was supplied to that home as a result of a drop cord,”Deleveaux explained. He did not release the name of the individual that occupied the home.

Yesterday whenThe Guardianvisited the area many former residents had returned to the site, sorting through debris for anything that was still salvageable.

One resident, who identified himself as Abner, claimed that the fire started from his home. According to him the fire first began in his home on Tuesday last week, and he was able to put it out before it spread.

Abner said on Sunday that fire began again, and led to the destruction of the village.

Hundreds of Haitian nationals were left with only the clothes on their backs following the raging fire, which destroyed more than 100 houses in a matter of six hours.

The fire started sometime around 10.30 a.m. Six fire trucks were dispatched to the scene and more than 25 firefighters battled the blaze before bringing it under control.

Information reachingThe Nassau Guardianrevealed that roughly 200 people were living in the Haitian village. There were no injuries.

Deleveaux earlier described the incident as a”human tragedy.”

He said limited access to the village made fighting the fire a challenge.

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