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Cars stolen, broken into during Junkanoo parade

The cars of more than seven persons were either stolen or broken into during the Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade.

Police sources toldThe Nassau Guardianyesterday that they got multiple reports of car thefts during and following the parade. Several of the cars parked near the C. R. Walker High School on Blue Hill Road and cars parked near the Main Post Office on East Hill Street were targeted, police said.

One man whose car was stolen from East Hill Street toldThe Guardianthat several other people parked in the area also claimed that their cars were also stolen.

The man, who did not want to use his name, said he was driving a 1997 Maxima. It was stolen sometime between 11 p.m. on Sunday when he arrived in the downtown area and 7:15 a.m. on Monday.

The man said there was no glass on the ground which indicates that either the thieves had a master key or they are professionals.

The victim reported the theft to the police shortly after he realized that his car was missing.

WhenThe Guardianspoke to Assistant Commissioner of Police Glenn Miller yesterday, he said he could not give an exact number of cars that were stolen or broken into, but added that he is aware of three or four cases.

“We’re told that some people who were parked around C. R. Walker school, their cars were entered,”Miller said.

He added that one of the persons whose car was broken into was a defence force officer, who caught the thief in the act.

“The individual fired a shot at the defence force officer,”Miller said.”And we suspect the same person was responsible for some of the other car break-ins.

Miller said no one was injured during the shooting.

He added that all of the matters are under investigation.

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