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How to get started on your project

You’re sitting down, relaxing, and freeing your mind when you come up with another one of those ideas. Yeah, that’s right, one of those ideas that look like a winner. Right off the bat, you get the urge to jump right in and go at it hard as you always do, straight from idea concept, gallop to project execution, bog down, then blow. This time, you have to resist behaving impulsively and aim to do this project management thing right.

Remember the first step is to initiate the project. Initiating means, you slow down your brain, put pen to paper and start thinking through what this is we believe is our greatest contribution to humanity.

Do some research. Look into what you are planning on doing. Find out what kind of conditions this project is going to be executed under, the period and at the very least be able to describe the work.

Can you describe what you plan to produce because of this project?If you cannot, you may want to look at your concept again because if you cannot capture the essence of your project in words, it is unlikely that you will be convincing anyone to get on board that train with you.

So while you’re busy thinking, think about the government or industry standards, the political climate, the policies, procedures and guidelines that will be used to conduct the work of the project.

Think about anyone or any organization with a stake in the outcome of your project or have something to either gain or lose because of the project. Write this all down. Write down all of the information that you know about these people or organizations. Write down their name, their role in the project, their position in society or on the job, contact information about them and a list of major requirements, expectation, and potential influence on the project.

From this moment on, refer to them as stakeholders.

Step back from this all and reflect on what you have done so far while you determine if it is worth your while proceeding or whether you should have a drink and go to bed.

If progressing is still worth your while, then move forward and begin to think about how you plan to manage these stakeholders(which may include organizations)and their influence on your project.

Get your pen and paper out again and begin to create a plan to increase the positive influence and minimize the disruptive influence that stakeholders may have on your project. Talk to some people to get the information that you need.

Cox is an instructor of project management certification classes at The Bahamas Institute of Financial Services(BIFS), author, President, and CEO of Project Management Solutions Ltd. Contacts;, e-mail Dorcas at or on Facebook at Bahamas Project Solutions.

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