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One Family, Roots considering formal protests

One Family and Roots Junkanoo groups are reportedly considering formally protesting the unofficial Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade results.

One Family members, who alleged they were cheated, are calling on the judges to”get it right”when the official results are announced.

One Family placed third behind the Saxons and Valley Boys. Music Makers placed fourth, Prodigal Sons came fifth and the Roots group was disqualified.

In a letter sent toThe Nassau Guardianyesterday, a member of One Family said,”I feel that the judges only see two groups on Bay Street, and this is holding Junkanoo back. Thousands of other young people like me want to rush too, and they want to rush with the Valley or the Saxons. But we want to know that we will be fairly judged.”

“So judges, please get it right in the official scores. Be fair. Make The Bahamas a better place,”the letter continued.

Immediate past president of One Family Darren Bastian refused to say yesterday whether the group would lodge a protest. WhenThe Guardianasked him that question after the results had been read on Monday night he would only say,”wait and see.”

At the time he toldThe Guardianthat Bahamians could not be confident that the parade results are fair.

“We are getting an overwhelming amount of support,”he said yesterday when asked to expound on Monday night’s comments.

“Even competitors were very shocked and disappointed with the results,”he said.

While Junkanoo results are always highly contested and typically plagued with discontent, Bastian insists that is important that groups feel like they are treated fairly.

“The whole parade seems to reek of unfairness which is saddening,”he continued.”The results of Boxing Day are absolutely wrong. And if there are those who don’t agree then fine, they are entitled to their opinion. But when members of the public who are not members of our group support us after the parade, and say they cannot understand how we lost, that speaks volumes,”Bastian said.

The Roots group intends to hold a press conference today to address a number of issues related to the Boxing Day Parade, including the concerns of the group in relation to the current Junkanoo Corporation’s inclement weather policy and its impact on parade management.

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