Monday, Nov 18, 2019
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Anthony Bain


icant do that no more. I appreciate yall support..but I cant do that no more. Don’t make no sense..junkanoo aint that serious ot out my self in any kinda harm way on frustststed in new year. I am submitting my letter of resignation today…I have given too much and haven’t gotten anything out of it.


I cam home and consulted with my family and I made the ecisoon would nt go that route anymore..if they figre they can hange it..let them do what they gotta do.


I know this for me ..esopeically when u just ge tout of ur bed….at this part pt ..i would prefer little later today when I


Lodging a protest against disqualification?

If its gonna happen not ognan be fomr me. Not putting myself in that positon..steppign away form it..i don’t want to perpeutuate it and leave it..if I was ognna stay on and fight…I don’t have any more fight left in mre for the group.

The kind of disrespect I have seen in last 24-48 hour.

And are you stepping down?

when we decide on the date a lot othings are taken into consider, junk polic, min of hel.environment who does the clean up down town merchants, staff of minister.. take everything into consideration.

that’s how we come up with start tiem

dates fall funny …

nothing against them .

at the end fof the day you amke sure that stakeholders are comfortable with the decision….

BEC probing if shant