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The perfect way to end the year

A gathering of family and friends over great food–there could not be a better way to end the year–and I am not talking about Christmas Day dinner(even though that was fabulous). For me, end of year is special because I’m a part of a high school graduating class that loves to plan get togethers at the drop of a hat when one of our classmates who lives abroad is visiting. There have been some years when we’ve missed a get together or two, but this year was not to be. And the word was spread far and wide that the gathering spot would be Drifters at Da Fish Fry.

Now, prior to the middle part of this year, I would never have been”caught dead”anywhere near the Fish Fry–that was until I was introduced to Drifters at Da Fish Fry, and was actually”blown away” by the food they were serving which for me didn’t add up to the standard fish fry fare. So, when it was suggested that we”catch up” at Drifters at DaFish Fry, on Christmas Eve, I had no problems at all–except for the fact that it would set me back in my preparations for Christmas Day dinner. But with a little arm-twisting from a friend, and thoughts of Tamarind Glazed Jerked Wingettes, the Guinness Glazed Cracked Chicken Zingers, and the Roasted Corn on da’Husk with pepper butter on the brain, I just had to go.

Fortunately with a group of persons, the appetizers that came to the table included the Tamarind Glazed Jerked Wingettes, Guinness Glazed Cracked Chicken Zingers and an order of their Conchy Conch Fritters, which I had for the first time. I tell you not a word of lie, those wings and chicken zingers were spot on as usual. And while you may say what could be so special about conch fritters, well what makes the Drifters conch fritters special is if they are indeed chock full of conch, and the Drifters fritters were conchy, and the biggest I’d seen in a long time.(To be honest, I haven’t eaten conch fritters in a number of years, but according to my memory, these were the biggest yet). I did enjoy.

One of my best dining-around buddies, Tonya, ordered the Mango& Guinness Glazed Battered Fish Strips, and I was able to spear a couple of pieces off her plate, and found them tender and indeed delicious.

As the visit to Drifters at Da Fry was the first for a number of persons, including the visiting classmates who now call the United States home, it was indeed special. We caught up, reminisced and laughed loudly and heartily(but not in a rambunctious way)as the memories came rolling back without fear of feeling out of place, or that we needed to tone it down. As is bound to happen when high school mates get together, the conversation was a free-for-all with comments bandied back and forth, with someone trying to be heard over the next person. Drifters at Da Fry, provided the perfect setting for us to be open and free as we wanted to be. And I must give kudos to our waitress Racquel who was accommodating and made us feel like we were at home.

Great food, great drinks and surrounded by friends, Drifters at Da Fry was the perfect way to end my dining around experiences of 2010. It’s a spot I hope to frequent on a number of occasions in 2011, because there are quite a few men items that I’ve yet to try like their Island Style Snapper(which they boast is seasoned to perfection,), the Nassau Grouper(which they also say is seasoned to perfection), the Drifters’Conch(which they say is fresh and tender adding up to a tasty dish)and their Mango Glazed Pork Chops(which they say is always tender). These are dishes I’m looking forward to trying in the new year–that is if I can ever get over my fixation with the Tamarind Glazed Jerked Wingettes(that are indeed finger lickin’good)and Guinness Glazed Cracked Chicken Zingers–and I can’t possibly forget the Roasted Corn on da’Husk which I’ve only ever had once, but which has certainly left an impression. I honestly can’t say what the other stalls out there are offering, but Drifters at Da Fry–for right now–has got my vote. And the food I had there the other day was the perfect way to end the year.

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