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Your garbage can reveal your gratitude

Quite often we can tell the story of one’s priority by checking what he puts in the garbage. There are persons who self-claim the credential of”garbageologist.”They feel that they can tell the social status of the members of communities by assessing what they dispose of in the garbage on a weekly basis. Such persons wonder in amazement as they fail to fathom why very valuable things are disposed of, when they could be utilized by persons with a deeper appreciation for them. The capacity that we have for storing negative emotions, ungrateful actions and expressions of fear and doubt is the garbage receptacle that we create.

On the reflex actions, well educated persons as well as laymen put away in their mental and emotional receptacles very valuable nuggets of information, family and social values, appreciation and expressions of regard for others. These negative actions alter relationships, instigate family feuds, destroys trust and confidence, encourage a spirit of an unforgiving attitude and eventually bring about depression, and self-destruction mentally and physically.

We need to develop a greater attitude of thankfulness for not only the large and tangible gifts in life, but the little that seem insignificant. We do not appreciate some things until we lose them. Someone recently remarked that he was delighted that he could taste the sweetness in his food again. He must have been eating, but was not able to gain the pleasure and delight that his meals should offer, for his taste buds were not functioning well because of some type of health problem.

It is common for us to take the ability to smell for granted. What a joy it brings to be able to smell the flowers, the fragrance after the rain, the perfumes that are so costly. We can feel the balmy breeze, see the beauty of the rising and setting of the sun. It is only when our eyes begin to get dim, and our ears cease to hear the chirping of the birds and the melody of music that we can truly appreciate the wonderful gift of our senses.

We should be thankful for every gift that makes our lives happy and worthwhile. Expressions of thankfulness should not be for when things are going well financially, in our status, or in the luxuries of life. The seemingly little things are essentials for our existence.

A thankful type of attitude can help to keep us humble and happy. Many persons are unhappy because they fail to count their blessings. Every morning when we rise we should be thankful because there are hundreds of people who cannot get out of bed–beds that have become their tomb. We must give God thanks for the ability to get up, to see the sunbeams, to hear the thunder, to hear the laughter of people, to hear the horns of passing vehicles, the playful noise of children and the various sounds that animals make.

Do not complain when we cannot eat certain food items because of health issues. Be thankful that you can eat some things. Thousands are dying because they have nothing to eat. No doubt we are aware of the man who became miserable and arrogant because he wanted a pair of shoes and all his efforts failed. His muttering ceased when he met a man who had no feet. We need to stop being a squabbling and complaining people, stop being ingrates and lift our heads in thankfulness as chickens do when they take in a sip of water or as the sunflower does irrespective to the weather.

We should never dump our symbols of praises in the garbage. As the year in its revolution approaches its end, we need to take stock of what we are putting in our mental and emotional garbage. It is a very effective exercise to write down all the goodness, the blessings, the opportunities that the year dished out to us. Compare this with the failures, disappointments, sorrow and fatigue that attempted to make roadblocks in our lives. Without fear of contradiction, the scale will tip heavily on the side of blessings and happiness. We might not have had all that we wanted, but our needs were abundantly supplied. Thanksgiving is something that we should celebrate as we desire not to be poor or rich, but that we have what is convenient for us. Lest we be full and forget God or be poor and steal and take the name of God in vain. Let us not take for granted the smallest of life’s gifts by putting them in the garbage.

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