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BRCPBSF set for start of season

This upcoming year should be a big one for the Bahamas Remote Control Power Boat Sport Federation(BRCPBSF)as plans are being made to officially start the season in March or April of 2011.

President Avery Tulloch said the executive committee is working feverishly to ensure that everything is place for the launch. The official start will be based on how long the winter season lasts, as Tulloch confirmed that not too many are eager to put the boats in the water when it’s cold. Tulloch’s team also wanted to make sure that the federation was fully operational before hitting the water.

“What we have been doing is getting ourselves more organized,” said Tulloch.”There is a lot of league work, as far as banking is concerned, trying to get public relations going. Most of our work has been more structurally based. Once we finish our structure, we are hoping that we could have everyone moved in.

“One more thing is, we are trying to get permission from the Ministry of Works and the government in trying to move in. We are seeking temporary guardianship for a part of the lake. That will enable us to put down some sort of structure there, for the purpose of races and judging. We want to put in place something very, very nice that will also beautify the place. The process has been well thought out, we are just hoping to get a positive response from the community at large. As soon as we get that sorted out, things will begin to pick up a whole lot. The stuff that we have done so far, people can’t see it because it is not tangible, but as soon as we can get that driving stand down, we should be pretty much on our way-we are hoping before the season starts. Normally, the racing season starts somewhere between

the end of March, early April, when we will be coming out of the winter period and into the spring. It is going to take a little while to really get it fine tuned because we have the IMPBA, so we are just making a few tweaks here and there and hopefully, the people will see, understand and appreciate the direction we are going in.”

The federation has adopted the rules of the International Model Power Boat Association(IMPBA), which they are a member off. The international body was formed July 2, 1949. There are two active clubs of the federation inclusive of the Big Boys Toys and the Lake Cunningham Island Runners. Tulloch was unable to confirm how many persons participate but stated that a lot of people have become quite interested in it and as a result, the federation will host several training sessions which will assist with operating the boats.

He said: ”Again, it is still in the preliminary stages because people will have to learn how to drive, so it will become a training thing. Hopefully, the current guys who are well versed in it will help the newcomers. They will take the lead and teach others.

“We plan to have training sessions for each class. We will have a beginner, intermediate and expert session for those persons interested in the sport. It is very, very flexible and the way we are doing it, it will level the playing field, pretty much. So persons who want to race in a particular class they can stay there if they wish. Not everyone is able to afford a fully modified boat, but we try to make it even across the board. We definitely can’t forget the persons who want to just come out and play. During the off period, provisions are made for them as well.

“We are working on trying to get boats in the water. Once we get a consistent or large enough crew, we can officially name a race day or season period, but right now, the guys they just have little social races. It hasn’t really gotten that serious as yet. Everything is still in the preliminary stages. There is a little learning curve because those boats may seem very, very small, but they are powerful. There is a lot to learn when you get into racing. One of the important ones, is learning how to set up a boat properly.”

According to Tulloch, persons gather at Lake Cunningham Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays around 5:00 p.m. until dark. Those persons race either a stocked or modified boat. Tulloch stated that a beginner’s boat can reach speeds up from 30 miles per hour(mph) to 40 mph. The advance or expert class, depending on the style of the boat, can go to 60 mph up to 75 mph.

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