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Conquering to a second place showing

With a theme that honored all mothers, Conquerors for Christ, the unique B-group Christian-based Junkanoo group that was”birthed” out of Pastor Henry and Ann Higgins Creative Christian Arts Ministries International”rushed”to a second place finish in the 2010 Boxing Day Parade.

The second place finish is a showing Pastor Higgins is proud of for his group that started in 2004 with barely 70 members and today boasts nearly 200-strong.

Since its formation, Higgins sought to target the young people.

“Many people may feel that the church is against Junkanoo in many cases, but I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with the celebration if God is still kept first. When I was led to start this ministry I wanted it to embrace culture, but done in such a way that God was still the focal point.

Pastor Higgins says it is important for him to encourage the creativity of young people and make them feel that they do have a place in the annual parade. Each year he lets the kids take the lead as it regards the theme, and lets them do the research on it and how best to represent their thoughts. While he does lend a hand, Pastor Higgins says that he lets the youth figure out how to make their ideas come to life. He has also aimed to make the Junkanoo experience better suited for young people by extracting the negative aspects of the celebrations like profanity, drinking, inappropriate dialogue and violence and replace them with positive assets that would make the shack a morally and socially constructive place as well.

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