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Have mountain moving faith

As all of my regular readers will know, I very often listen to Joel Osteen on television. I find him to be a very refreshing and extremely

inspirational speaker, who each Sunday gives his audience some really great, practical ideas on how to live a more richly rewarding, contented, and successful life. A few Sundays ago, he spoke at length about having, what he termed’Mountain Moving Faith’. He really got my undivided attention right at the beginning of his talk as he stated, that far too many of us are constantly talking about our problems, whereas we should be talking TO our problems. Now, what exactly did he mean by that statement, many may say?What he meant was this.

When we keep on talking about our problems, whatever they may be, we are in effect magnifying them, and are thus not really solving them. In fact, we’re blowing them up out of all proportion whilst not acknowledging The FACT, that God has the answers, the solutions to all of our problems, large and small; and don’t ever forget, that God dwells WITHIN you 24/7. So, when we have a Mountain of a Problem, we talk TO it commanding it to go, to dissolve by simply saying BEGONE!

That’s right, if one of our major problems is a lack of financial resources; we simply say’Begone Lack’, we talk to the mountain, the problem and not about it. I must say, that when I heard Joel giving these very practical instructions, it really resonated with me for I personally had in fact been talking far too much about my problems, instead of COMMANDING them to go away.

Yes My Friend, if you really want to solve your problems, and let’s

face it, who doesn’t?Well then, there’s no doubt about it, you simply MUST develop within your consciousness, and thus daily practice’Mountain Moving Faith’, and you can indeed do this by speaking to your problems, commanding them to go, not by speaking about them, which will in reality just blow them up out of all proportion, making them appear to be a whole lot larger than they actually are. So if you have an illness; well then, speak TO it commanding it to go away. If you have depressing thoughts; well then, speak to them demanding that they immediately vacate your mind, your consciousness.

In short you need to take complete control of your life, including your problems, by talking to them and not about them. This My Friend, is a most important lesson for all of us to learn here today.



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