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Hopes for an endless stream of positivity in the New Year

The past year has had its share of joys and downfalls, including a record-breaking murder rate of 95 with one day remaining in 2010, but a number of ministers of the Word believe the new year has the potential to bring an endless stream of positivity–as long as certain changes are brought about in the nation

New Covenant Baptist Church head pastor Bishop Simeon Hall is one who hopes citizens of The Bahamas take advantage of the many blessings available to them so that 2011 brings them the joy and relief that they are missing. He hopes that in the upcoming year more steps are taken to control the crime rate in the country so that the new year can truly herald in a new and better season.

“Having served on the National Crime Commission I am aware of the many ideas that were given to help decrease and control the crime surge and I hope that more of them like the tracking anklet that parolees and persons on bail are now made to wear will be implemented in the new year. I think doing that will help to put a major dent in the crime escalating around us. This is something we really need to address in the new year,” said Bishop Hall.

Showing empathy and more love to one another is another major”must do”on the nation’s to-do-list, according to Bishop Hall. He says the lack of love and concern for one another is what has the nation in the state it is in, and that everyone needs to take a step back and move away from secularism.

“I feel that we all have become really”thingafied”if I may say that, and it is really coming out in what is happening around us. It is leading us to be more distant and causing many problems. I also hope that this new year will bring more churches to open their doors, put less emphasis on material things and more on the spiritual. We really need to do this if we want things to turn around.”

Father James Moultrie, rector at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church says seeing a Bahamas more full of God and all that He represents would be his greatest hope for the nation this year.

“If we were more God-centered we wouldn’t have crime, violence, strife and enmity”says the priest.”We need to learn how not to just say that we are a Christian nation but actually live and breathe as though we were. We need to remember to love God and our neighbors. These two commandments that Jesus gave us sums up everything else. I hope that this year will be one of joy, peace and happiness for all our people as well. I hope that those who are unemployed will find work, those sick will find relief and those in trouble will find God and be found by Him. I just want this to be a safer place for us all this year.”

As the world heads into 2011, Bishop Wenith Davis of Zion Baptist South Beach says we need to take the time to detox from the poison and negativity that has been allowed to build up over the years in the country that is causing the strife that the nation is now faced with.

“We need to develop a better sense of togetherness and understanding in our Bahamaland. We need to get rid of this poison that is contaminating our society and causing all this massacre, hatred, envy and bigotry. We need to end it once and for all. We need a mass spirit of forgiveness so that we all can be healed in all the realms of our lives. We could really do with a detox in this nation and I believe that the best way to make it happen is if we renew our ability to have loving relationships and stop employing the spirit of hatred in the face of controversy. We need to free ourselves of this negativity and poison that is seeking to destroy and divide us.”

Bishop Davis’hope is that the new year brings a greater respect for law and order. For that to happen, he says people need to have a deeper respect for God and things of Him.

Finding your purpose and focusing on it is what Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries pastor Bishop Ros Davis hopes that all Bahamians will aim to do this year.

“My hope for 2011 is that we would continue to remain focused on what it is we are seeking to become. I believe there are many people God has called to do different tasks in life so I hope each person finds their purpose and become fully educated in it so that they can fulfill their abilities. This is the year that people need to embrace and become aligned with their gifts. There needs to be no twin vision or wandering. This is the year that great things will happen.”

The senior pastor at Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries International hopes people learn to respect each other more and walk in togetherness. He says everyone is searching for truth even if they are doing it in different ways and that it is necessary to be tolerant and accepting of everyone’s differences.

“If we can do this we all can just live in harmony like we are supposed to,” he says.”If everything happens the way it should I can already see a new and better Bahamas. Right now a lot of tension in the society is coming from discord in the homes and community between the young and the older folk. The younger ones want to take the stage now while the older folk believe that they have so much left to learn before they are ready to take charge–this is causing a lot of problems–but if we can return to being a country where the older folk were respected I can see that we will be in a better place. We will have a more harmonious Bahamas. This is the year for it,”says Bishop Davis.

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