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In the spirit of the season

The sick and shut-in members of St. Peter’s Parish in north Long Island were given a bright spot to their day recently when the ladies who accompany Father Chester Burton, rector of Anglican churches in north Long Island and St. Christopher’s in Rum Cay on his bi-monthy visits, visited them in the spirit of the holidays.

The ladies of the Social Outreach MInistry of St. Peter’s Parish were said to be”bright-eyed and bushy-tailes”as they made the early morning visits to the sick and shut-in members of the community, carrying with them bread basket supplies to be shared with them.

The bread basket items are sent to the parish annually by retired priest Father Addison Turnquest a native Long Islander and former rector of St. Peter’s Parish. Support which Fr. Burton says he and his members are eternally grateful for the support, which he says helps given the tough economic times.

Fr. Burton reminded his parishioners that it was imperative that they support these members who are no longer able to fend for themselves as it was because of the yeoman service rendered to their God and their church in the past by those persons who are now sick and shut in, that present members are now left to carry on a goodly heritage.

He always reminds his parishioners that the senior statesmen of the church who he refers to as”parish precious pearls,” should be saluted during the yuletide season. Each of the persons they visited received a gift from the parish outreach program, and Christmas cookies from Fr. Burton’s wife, Coral.

Along with the fellowship with members singing Christmas Carols, they reminisced about how things were back in the day. During the visits, Fr. Burton and the ladies of the Outreach Ministry, wore Christmas apparel, in celebration of the season.

Fr. Burton described the day as one of fellowship and fun. The day of fellowship and fun took the team from the settlement of Seymour’s to Doctors Creek.

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