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New year–new you

It’s the season for making those annual resolutions and for most people their thoughts are of losing weight, eating better, changing hazardous habits like smoking or improving their work ethic. For many ministers of the Word, resolutions are more than just about making extravagant promises that are aimed only at the improvement of oneself. They believe they are about finding small ways to spiritually uplift themselves and make minute shifts in every day life that can positively change the lives of those around them. With that in mind,The Nassau Guardianasked a number of religious leaders what their new year’s resolutions are for 2011.

“I generally don’t like to do the whole year plan. The most I look forward to is maybe 30 days at a time. Even so, it is my goal to finish my ministry strong after 44 years of preaching. I hope to be more effective in my ministry this year as well. I will continue to love people dearly and aim to serve God even more. I will also aim to be more Christ-like and like Him live vicariously for other people. It is my calling and I will continue to live, love and give, so that when I stand before God it will be taking nothing because I gave it all.”

–Bishop Simeon Hall

Senior pastor, New Covenant Baptist Church

“I am seeking to be a man who understands God so much so that I can get to the point to say thy will be done in any situation. I am seeking this through prayers. I also want to help my family more and be there for others who depend on me. I want more persons I am guided to assist to look at me as someone who can work together with them to get things done for them. I am also called to spread the gospel so it is still my focus this and every year. I want to spread the gospel to all far and near. I intend to visit places like India, Africa, Haiti and Singapore to do this, so I will be doing what I can to make things happen.”

–Bishop Ros Davis

Senior Pastor, Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries International

“I will continue in the ways of God and making Him known to all I meet. I want an increase in the togetherness of churches because for too long we’ve been divided. I intend to make this happen by doing more conferences, workshops, symposiums and reaching out to empower more people in church relations.”

–Bishop Wenith Davis

Senior pastor at Zion South Beach Church

“There is no point in saying I will try to lose weight and get up early to do this or that. We need to be a bit realistic so this year I hope to do what I can to assist my country in becoming a better place and to lend a hand to all I come in contact with. I will spread the good news about God and His love for the human race.”

–Father James Moultrie

Rector, St. Matthews Anglican Church

“I am not one to make resolutions because I prefer to make declarations. As a holy man of God, the Bible gives us power to speak things into existence. I have quite a few declarations I want to make[in 2011]. I am declaring that those things that made me go through so much last year will not get me this year. I will do whatever it takes to make sure this year is different. All those people who kept my life on hold will no longer do so. I will be hanging up the phone. Those who made me an option will no longer be my priority. These are just some things that I am looking to change to better my life. On another note, I will live a healthy and holy lifestyle and I am talking about all realms of health, the physical, psychological and spiritual. These are my declarations.”

–Bishop Arnold Josey

Senior pastor, Commonwealth Mission Baptist Church

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