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New Year’s Resolutions from the Streets

By Chakara Bennett

Guardian Intern

Resolution-making–those personal promises that are so easy to make but so hard to keep is in full swing again now that the new year is finally here. Many people have long lists of goals they want to meet and although it may not have worked in previous years they are convinced that this is the year for success.The Nassau Guardianasked a number of everyday people what their new year’s resolutions are for 2011 and just how they plan to stick to them this year.

Albert Justice, 54

North Carolina

“I don’t really do resolutions but there is a tradition we have back home where everyone eats black eye peas so that we get lots of crops. It’s kind of a superstition more than anything so I guess I can say I will be eating a lot of peas this new year for good luck. Could always use that.”

Bob and Nelly Kuhn, 70s



“We just plan to try to stay healthy and happy. We’ll be eating a lot better and exercising more. We’ll also be praying alot too.”

Fritz Marshall, 52

Nassau, Bahamas

Sales Promotor

“This new year I am aiming not to make the same mistakes I made last year. I am more aware of what I did and didn’t do and I will not be doing them again. I’m walking a different path. I hope many people in our country do this too. Yes, we all will make mistakes but this year let’s not make the same ones.”

Chavar Rolle, 25

Nassau, Bahamas


“I aim to be more active in my community and I will accomplish this by doing more community service, try to be more active in the churh and join Rotary. I just want to be more guided and focused. 2011 is about the community.”

Samaria Smith-Cooper, 25

Nassau, Bahamas


“I have mamy resolutions this year but I will only share a few. I want to be more committed to God and my ministry. I want to at least start building my home this year as well. I also want to be more giving to my community. So I have to make more to give more this year.”

Patricia Hamilton, 45

Nassau, Bahamas


“This new year I aiming to be more into my family and just be grateful for all the small blessings in my life like health. There is a lot I may want but I am at a place where I am lookign forward to enjoying what’s in front of me that I can see. I will be praising God more and being more thankful no matter what.”

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