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PACBO Major tour planned for 2011

Motivated by the successful Nassau Stadium’revival boxing show’on December 11, the Pan American Caribbean Boxing Organization(PACBO)has planned for the first event of 2011 to take place on Saturday, January 22.

The program will kick off a 2011 tour of The Bahamas in conjunction with Meacher Major.

The 29-year-old Major is the lightweight champion of The Bahamas, but he has been campaigning of late as a super featherweight fighter. On the December show, he was part of the feature act in the professional segment when he engaged in an exhibition with veteran Quincy Pratt.

Going forward, he has agreed to have his matchmaker line up regular opponents for the PACBO shows around the country. While there is an agreement in place for the Nassau Stadium to be the base of operation for PACBO, the organization has pledged to assist the Amateur Boxing Federation of The Bahamas with the national development of the sport.

In that light, the expectation is that PACBO will go on the road in The Bahamas, to Freeport and High Rock in Grand Bahama; Bimini; Inagua; possibly Andros, and back to New Providence, mixing in with the schedule of the Nassau Stadium management.

“This is yet another opportunity that my association with PACBO is providing. While I am thinking ahead and I know full well that my professional ring years can’t go on forever, I still feel obligated to put my best effort forth in the next three years so that I would not have regrets when my pro career is finished, so, in working with the PACBO Development Program, I can pursue my career for the next three years, lead my Kemp Road youth group and prepare for a greater contribution to PACBO down the

road. It will be a pleasure to box in other areas of The Bahamas. This is what I have wanted to do for a very long time. Now, I will get the opportunity and I feel very good, going into the new year, 2011,”said Major recently.

Major has a ring record of 18-4. He has paced himself extremely well during a quality career that has included a reign as the World Boxing Association’s(WBA)Caribbean Super Featherweight Champion.

He studiously avoided the pitfalls of the sport that have resulted in some of his amateur pals dropping far short of their true potential. Almost seven years after he was a part of a sizeable talented amateur group that turned professional, his career is the only vibrant one of them all.

Major is to be congratulated for making the right decisions and weeding his way through the negative elements of pro boxing. Today, he stands as a pillar of strength and advice for aspiring young boxers. He has developed rather quickly into a quality mentor.

The PACBO/Major tour will be yet another dimension to add to the growing legacy of this young lad from Kemp Road.

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