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Police shoot suspect in Bain Town

Scores of children watched as an Augusta Street man was loaded into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital around 1:30 p.m. yesterday, seemingly unfazed by the violence they had just witnessed.

The man, who was wanted by police in connection with several serious crimes, was shot by an officer during a stand-off, police reported.

Director of the Crime Prevention Office Superintendent Stephen Dean told reporters at the scene that the man, known by area residents as”Bear”, pulled a gun on an officer who was attempting to question him.

Dean said police were on patrol in the area when they received information from concerned citizens about two wanted men.

As a result the police stopped them, but the suspects ran and police chased them.

Dean said one of the men ran into a nearby residence as the police approached him and asked him to stop.

While the suspect did stop, when he faced the police again he had a gun in his hand, according to Dean.

“The police being trained and in fear[for]his life fired at the suspect hitting him in the shoulder,”he said.”The suspect continued to run. The police got back-up and they canvassed the area and were able to arrest this young man.”

The second suspect reportedly escaped.

WhenThe Nassau Guardianarrived on the scene shortly after 1 p.m., the injured suspect was seated on the passenger side of a two-door Honda Civic.

He was handcuffed inside the car as authorities waited for emergency medical personnel to arrive.

An eyewitness claimed that when police initially shot the man, area residents who are friends of the suspects threw stones at the police.

Stones were all across the road. However, Dean said he was not aware of any stone throwing incident.

Bain Town resident Margaret Bethel said crime in the area is”frightening”.

Bethel, who also has a business in the area, said while she believes that police are doing a good job, too many crimes are being committed.

Another resident toldThe Guardiana”war”was underway in Bain Town among certain groups and he predicted that someone else will be shot or attacked by the end of the week.

Yesterday’s shooting was the second in the area in a little more than 24 hours.

A 27-year-old man was shot on Augusta Street on Tuesday. Up to yesterday he was still in critical condition in hospital, according to authorities. The man was shot multiple times about the body, police said.

A few minutes following that shooting police received information that three men suspected of being involved in the incident were seen in the area of Strachan Corner.

According to police, when officers approached the men they fled and officers chased them into the Fritz Lane area.

It was at this point that one of the males reportedly turned in the officers’direction and pointed a hand gun at them, according to police.

Police said officers were forced to shoot the man in the thigh after he attempted to shoot at them.

The man is detained in hospital in stable condition.

It is expected that the suspect will face criminal charges in connection with the matter, said police, adding that officers retrieved a hand gun with ammunition from the suspect.

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