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Schaeffer retail outlook

Hotel retail outlook

“Well, we’re looking to grow on 2010, both in area of rate as well as in the area of occupancy. We’re looking for the same types of improvements that we had in the first quater of last year. Small methodical movements in the right direction. We anticipate certainly that the first quater of the year should realize a combination of both revenue and occupancy increases for the first three months of the year.

based on a number of projections

“we basically see jan feb&march being a 1 or 2%points better than 2009 for same correpsonding period and we see avg rate being similarly, 2-3%points better thatn 2010

The 1st qtr is not showing as robust growth as aniticipated but the forecase is showing some growth in 2011.

Thre real winter season is mid Feb, march through end of april

Jan is traditionally a slow month … not really considered


“so you’re not getting the full picture of the peak season becuase it overlaps first and second season.

Industry related positions

“The reality is we are showing very slight improvements, nothing robust, but certainly some movement in the right direction.”

“I think there is an expectation of how you sell your business and your mix of business that will help you to achieve that result, and our ability to show even this type of mvmt is predeicated certainly on how the economic activity is taking place in our major makret , which is the US. which while still showing sluggis returnes to growht, it is at lease showing signs of growth, and that augurs positively for our sector.

“Now we are not not happy with the level of growth for the first quater of this year as a sector, but certainly the good news is that its not showing a decline.

was hoping form much better results …

“We would really like to get back to our pre 2008 levels.”I would say we are still about maybe 20-25%behind. We’ve made ground on maybe 75%but we’re still not back to the pre 2008 levels.

noth east&florida remeains principlly main mkts for Bah.

minister anticipated that they were over the 5 mill person mark … highly influencd by large increases in cruise visitors. welcome 5 millth in gb in decembger

“from an arrivals position yes the bah has achieved some new milestones this year but we would certainly like to see the growth from the hotel sector heavily weighted on the stoppover side rather than the cruise visitor side, but all of those are potiive. The fact that you do have the agrregate amount of tourists coming to this destination whether by cruise or stoppover is a positive and augers well for the future of the bah as a tourism destination.’


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