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2011 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

While hybrid vehicles may not appeal to the typical Bahamian driver, the 2011 Toyota Highlander might give them some food or thought, as the SUV sports a stylish look while offering good fuel efficiency.

At first glance, the Highlander doesn’t have the look of a car that belongs in the hybrid section. While larger body vehicles aren’t considered a good fit in Nassau anymore because of their appetite at the pump, this Toyota model may be an exception to that rule.

Considering that it’s a SUV, the Highlander’s 28 miles per gallon in the city and highway is impressive and easier on the pocket of drivers of the vehicle. To put in perspective, its fuel efficiency is better than the Honda Fit by one mile in the city and only five miles lower on the highway. Keep in mind that this is a SUV, and if gas prices remain at a manageable level then this vehicle could be a driver’s dream.

The Highlander sports a 3.5-liter V6 engine and is standard on both the Base and Limited models. The upgraded version has 19-inch alloy wheels, automatic climate control a power liftgate and perforated leather seats. Both versions come with a 50/50 split-folding third row and offer trim colors.

There are several dealers who sell Toyota vehicles including Executive Motors, but Guardian Business was unable to confirm whether or not the dealership is carrying the Highlander hybrid model up to press time. However, Kendall Toyota in Miami, Florida carries the new model if the SUV and its base price is$37,490 according to its Web site listing. Add that to the 85 percent tacked on from vehicle duty and the final price to clear it would be$69,356.

Even though the price may be a turnoff for potential car buyers, the value that the Highlander brings to the table will have those who can incorporate the SUV in their budget to consider. But such a steep investment in a vehicle especially drung challenging economic times will not win mass appeal in Nassau.

Guardian Business is giving the Toyota Highlander one thumb up and one thumb down.

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