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Make your rooms pop in the new year

It’s the New Year and just as you spruce up your wardrobe and make New Year’s resolutions, its also the perfect time to treat your home to a decorative facelift as well.

Giselle Andrews, co-proprietor of Decorative Trends home decor store, says that there are a lot of old and new trends to look forward to in the 2011 season that should suit the tastes and pockets of different people.

“This is a season to return your focus to the earth for inspiration,”says Andrews.”You will notice that there are a lot of earth tones, browns, tans, reds, soft yellows, greens and even grays that will really be dominating this season.

“Also if you thought being”green”was only for cars and cleaning products think again because decorating is also going in that direction.

“It’s all about being earth friendly and many design companies are no longer using lead in their products so that the bright colors lead lends itself in creating that you are used to are no longer as popular. Instead you will also be seeing lots of decorative things made from eco-friendly and natural materials rather than man-made materials. You will be getting lots of coppers, strengthened aluminium, brass, wood and steel. This is going to be a really”green”season.”

One of the major things that are really heading out the door this year are artificial flowers, which were popular in your grandparent’s era but carried over to your parents.

The designer says that these are finally losing their charm as more persons are opting for real flowers or even whole plants to add color and life to a room.

Other people may like decorative plates and other conversation pieces like decorative candles and wall sconces to make their rooms pop as well.

Andrews says that the trend now is to lean more toward function than fashion, and rooms solely used for decoration are no longer as common.

“Although many people may want to utilize their spaces more, only focusing on functional pieces can sometimes be so streamline that is why this season the trend to use lighter and inexpensive materials in making quality pieces will continue to be popular.

“You can have the same look of an expensively decorated room with terracotta pottery, heavy glass and wood elements that used to just be set up for aesthetic purposes for three times less the cost if you use the popular, lighter and more functional materials that mimic the look and texture of the originals. This is becoming even more popular and it doesn’t diminish the quality of the room. It’s just more practical and easier on your pocket while being a space that can be utilized on a daily basis,”Andrews says.

The passionate designer says that the best way to decorate your home is not to look at a room in terms of function or what is popular as the room can get too boring and streamlined, or become too bulky with pieces that are individually charming but disjointed when combined.

She suggests instead that you find something that inspires you, whether it is an individual piece or a theme that you fancy and center the room on that.

“I find that it is easy and you get the best results if you let your inspiration guide you. I personally like butterflies so I chose to make my living room based on them while incorporating my favorite colors.

“It’s also a good idea to chose a focal piece in your room and expand on it consistently throughout your room. This year pieces like decorative mirrors or wall ornaments are really popular. If you are not interested in spending a significant amount of money to decorate I would say a piece like this what you should want to focus on. Everything else in your room can be subtle supporters to the piece so that your design doesn’t have to be overwhelming.”

Things that you may be familiar seeing in your grandmother’s home are also making a major statement this year according to the proprietor.

“I remember growing up thinking my grandmother’s kitchen was so old-fashioned and that certain things would just never be popular again but I was wrong because this season things like the rooster or chicken you’d see in her kitchen are really hot right now.

“Also the classic kitchen prayer that most people would remember seeing on a ceramic tablet with the praying hands is also back in style but these things have all been modernized. You’ll see many of the roosters made out of wood or a different material than your grandmother’s heavy ornament,”she says.

“It’s all about returning to nature and using what is given to us naturally.”

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