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Brandon’s Deli and its recipe for success

An entrepreneur’s ultimate goal is to find a successful model that couples longevity with profitability, and Monique Cargill accomplished that with her one of her best business ideas, Brandon’s Deli.

The deli-style eatery was created in 2001 and it was named after her son, who didn’t know at the time that his name was associated with a brand popular among Bahamians. She opened her first store on Collins Avenue, next door to a popular Chinese restaurant that catered to the majority of individuals working and living in the area. Cargill, the owner of Bandon’s Deli, said that some people were skeptical about how she would compete against such a store, but she was confident that her business would thrive in that area.

“I knew that the Chinese restaurant was very popular at the time I moved in, but when I opened my store I felt extremely confident that it would be successful,”Cargill said.”I didn’t have a mindset to drive that restaurant out of business, but to create a complimentary restaurant where customers would have options.”

Initially, Brandon’s Deli started out selling sandwiches, salads, pastas and ice cream while offering specials on Friday which ranged from conch chowder to chicken souse. But after tweaking the menu a few times, Cargill created the ideal model that suited her customers’needs. They removed ice cream from the menu and replaced it with an assortment of cakes, and offered daily specials instead of once a week.

She also mentioned that her location on Collins Avenue in the heart of the business district in that area also provided a boost, as she discovered that most persons working in that area preferred a healthy sandwich or salad over fast food. Because she offered a unique menu selection compared to other restaurants in the area, it put her ahead of the competition.

“The customers prefer Brandon’s Deli because they know they have a healthier choice in getting a fresh sandwich, salad or pasta and the quality of food they were getting at such an affordable price made it one of the top choices for their daily lunch,”she said.

Her success at the Collins Avenue store over the years prompted her to open a second deli on Poinciana Drive in late 2009, where she was able to cater to a number of customers in that area who would commute to her first store just to place an order.

Cargill attributed the success of Brandon’s Deli to the support system she had around her along with hardworking employees, and as she embarks on celebrating 10 years of business in February, she is thankful to be in this position.

“God has really bought me far in taking this business as far as it has made it,”she said.”My family and close friends have been instrumental in supporting Brandon’s Deli and my loyal customers over the years have played a large part too. And my employees who work together as a team and performs at a high level daily have made Brandon’s Deli a great success as well.

“I hope that Brandon’s Deli can continue to grow for years to come.

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