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Decreased police presence through Bank Lane during holidays

Police have admitted that they relaxed security through Bank Lane over the holidays because of reduced manpower. However, Superintendent Wayne Miller, the commanding officer of the Central Police Station, has promised increased security as off today.

Officials at the Central Police Station pledged to reduce traffic around the courts following a clash between spectators and police in November. Two police officers were injured in the mayhem that spilled from Bank Lane onto Bay Street following the murder arraignment of Javan Colebrooke, who is accused of the stabbing death of Lynden Bethel Jr. at Club Illusions on East Bay Street.

Before the clash, spectators gathered in the court’s environs smoking and drinking alcohol. After the incident, police vowed that only persons with legitimate business would be allowed in the area.

Police also stopped persons from parking and driving through Bank Lane with the exception of judges and magistrates. However, in the past two weeks relatives and friends of suspects in custody lingered through Bank Lane and people began parking in the area.

Miller explained that officers assigned to the court security detail had been redeployed during the busy holiday season. He added that most of the courts were closed and police had fewer prisoners to process during this period. However, he promised,”as of Tuesday, officers will be out in full force.”

Despite the increased police presence through Bank Lane, murder suspect Phillip McCartney still managed to walk off the police bus unnoticed in November. Police are investigating how this happened.

In October, a man rushed up to the prison bus and threatened to kill a suspect. The incident happened in front of police, but they took no action.

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