Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Foreign spouses reminded to obtain residency permits

Department of Immigration Director Jack Thompson yesterday advised foreigners married to Bahamians to ensure their residency permits are renewed in order to prevent sanctions being imposed.

“We need to ensure that spouses foreign spouses of Bahamian citizens make application for a spousal permit or a general workers’permit,”he said.

Thompson explained that a valid permit is required, enabling the foreign spouse to reside and work in The Bahamas, until permanent residency is approved.

He said the Department of Immigration will not tolerate lapses by those requiring authorization to reside and work in The Bahamas.

Additionally, Thompson said that there are some people who fail or opt not to pay national insurance contributions. The payment of these contributions is one of the requirements to obtain permit approval from the department to reside in the country, added Thompson. He said that in January the department would publish a brochure on the various classes of permits and the fees associated with thesepermits.

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