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Ice company benefiting from holiday activities

A local ice company has benefited from the amount of holiday festivities during the last two weeks of the year, with its executive saying the company has experienced a 10 percent rise in sales in 2010 compared to 2009.

General Manager of Chilly Willy Ice Delton Moree told Guardian Business yesterday that the demand for ice has been great despite cool weather conditions that could have slowed sales down.

“We’ve been busy these past few weeks,”Moree said.”We are normally busy a couple days before the actual holidays but we’ve been busy almost every day.”

With the amount of parties and gatherings that accompany the calendar holidays, Moree anticipated that Bahamians would need their bags of ice, which typically sell well during this period. He admitted that he feared sales would slow down because of the colder temperatures during the month, but they remained steady.

“The cold weather could have slowed us down a little bit, but Bahamians need their ice the most around this time of the year, we were able to supply them,”Moree said.”We are expecting a larger boost leading up to New Year’s Day, so we are prepared for it.

“It will be like a holiday in the summer.”

Several gas stations ran out of ice last weekend during the Christmas and Boxing Day holidays, and Moree is hoping that the service stations along with his fleet are properly stocked to manage the rush he expects over the weekend. He is also considering extending his hours to accommodate more customers.

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