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Police urge extra security following Junkanoo crime spree

A crime spree that was carried out during the Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade prompted police officials to warn residents and motorists to tighten up their security measures ahead of the New Year’s Junkanoo festivities.

During the last parade the vehicles of scores of persons were either broken into or stolen.

Police said cars parked near C.R. Walker Senior High School and near Royal Bank on East Hill street were targeted.

Additionally, police said several homes were broken into during the parade which lasted more than 12 hours.

Yesterday Crime Prevention Director Superintendent Stephen Dean encouraged Bahamians to take extra precautions.

“While we are pleased with the security measures that we see residents taking, we still see some missteps that could be corrected,”Dean said.”One of our biggest celebrations is the New Year’s Junkanoo Parade and a number of residents are parking their cars in deserted places, and we’ve had cases where vehicles were stolen.

“It’s the time now to make sure you have a car alarm and a wheel lock protector. You should put a lock on your wheel to prevent or minimize the chance of your vehicle being stolen.”

Dean advised motorists against parking their cars in areas that are not well lit. He also warned motorists against leaving valuables in their vehicles. Dean said too many people leave laptops, cash, jewelry and other items in their vehicles.

He added that home owners should also take measures to ensure that their homes are properly secured.

“Leave your home in a position that it looks active. Whether the stereo is playing or the lights and TV are on. Please keep it active late in the night. We want you to take away that opportunity for potential burglars. Thieves and burglars look for opportunities. Don’t give them any invitation,”he said.

Dean said crimes committed during the holiday season could have potentially been avoided if persons had taken the time to enhance their security measures.

“We are issuing the warning to residents to take personal security measures serious,”he added.

As a final warning Dean said persons driving late at night should travel with a companion if possible, or call ahead to ensure that they can be met by another person when arriving at their final destination.

“If you suspect that you are being followed stop in a populated area or stop at a police station,”he said.

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