Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020
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Those we lost in 2010

With the triumphs of 2010 came tragedies. People around the country said their farewells to cultural giants, community builders and loved ones who passed away. This year the nation laid to rest well-known and loved politicians, clerics, patrons and volunteers. It watched in horror as

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Pleasant Bridgewater case dismissed

The retrial of former Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)Senator Pleasant Bridgewater this September was anticlimactic. At John Travolta's request, Senior Justice Jon Isaacs dismissed attempted extortion charges against Bridgewater and Tarino Lightbourne. According to the prosecutor, Travolta and wife Kelly Preston no longer wished to pursue an

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ZNS workers terminated

In 2010, change came to the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas(BCB). The government claimed it could no longer afford to pump millions of dollars into the state broadcaster. More than 70 workers were sent home. In May 2009, National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest, who has

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