Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

Poetry Corner

Silver Bells

for Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace



everybody eating ham and turkey

what am I eating

not even jerk cat for a pot cake dog

watching Oliver Twist in black and white

by David Lean, Sir Alex Guinness in it

with John Howard Davies

filmed in 1947

cinematography to die for, by Guy Green

I am not after all excluded from the goodness

Christmas brings


like a bolt out of a cannon

is how she swims

hits the wall opposite

with such swift finesse

even in third

is third in the whole wide world

is but a few tiny fractions of a second

behind who got gold

behind who got silver

she can roar, she can roll

she can rock’n’roll in water

in a great big pool


Jesus!turkeys must hate Christmas

don’t talk about hams

they must both hate the fact

that Christ was ever born

not at all happy of the state

in which, in such large numbers

so many insist that they show up

at the birthday of our Lord

from year to year, around the globe


I am so very nearly centred in myself

compared with where I was in relation to me

early this Christmas Sunday morning

it feels like self-love, like self-intercourse

able to go around with myself inside myself

like going about with two hands in two pockets

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