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Beautiful grass under your feet

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence is a cliché that creates the spirit of competition, rivalry, jealousy and covetous attitude among people of all classes. Competition can inspire persons to excel at the highest level of the designed performance, because the competitors hate to lose and like to win. Competition is more than receiving the joy of victory, or the negative emotions that come from losing.

Competition often encourages anxiety for one to want what is not his. Competitive activities often allow some persons to belittle their abilities and long for the star that they see in others. The neighbors’lawn could appear to be greener than yours, and may even attract many to view and appreciate the beautiful manicured edges. This can cause concern since you might believe that the grass under your feet, your lawn is less attractive than others. It is likely that when you draw near and assess the detail of other lawns, there are brown areas, a few unwanted weeds, uneven edges and so many other inconsistencies can be evidenced. Under your feet is your lawn that is often greener with less unwanted obstructions or needs.

It is your responsibility to develop an appreciation for your lawn. Water it and keep the admired green, as green as possible. Make your lawn what you want it to be. The apparently greener grass is not yours. Do not give any motivation to dissatisfaction. Ensure that your lawn can meet the admiration of others. It is very difficult for you to find happiness, contentment and progress when you are engaged in covetous thoughts. You need to be engaged in efforts that will be an investment of time and effort in keeping your lawn green. Count how much you have, rather than complain about what you do not have. Shift your eyes on what perseverance can do. Gaze on what can be accomplished in the future by self-appreciation of the green that is under your feet.

Your talents and abilities represent your lawn. Learn to enjoy the grass in your green that has been lavishly bestowed. Feel richly blessed for what you own. There is no need to live a life of complaining or competing. Start to enjoy life. To be content is to be happy. Time spent in grasping for the wind is vanity. Grasp for your dreams, knowing that your victory will come with a price of sacrifice. It might not come right away, but it will come. Focus on the green grass under your feet, filled with potential. You might have just tiny rocks of faith, but if rightly used, you can kill giants of problems.

The issues and struggles that might await you in the new year can be easily overcome through faith, courage and confidence. There might be mountains of debt, illness of loved ones, friends or even yourself as well as extremely other difficult situations. Many persons are plagued with disloyalty in relationships and difficulties in nurturing your children. Problems with co-workers can escalate when there is rivalry and power struggle. Things can certainly get rough and sometimes challenge you to bring out the negative side of you, but you must be in control of your emotions. Determine to be a winner in every situation. If it’s to be, it will be up to you. For all intent and purposes, be a champion. It is wise that you come to the realization that there is a trophy for you. Therefore, remain confident and view challenges as opportunities for victory and not defeat.”Even when you feel defeated, assure yourself that you are a victor and not a victim. You are to grow and not grovel, to soar, not sink, to overcome and not be overwhelmed.”–William Ward.

Be adventurous and enter some new areas of work that will benefit the welfare of humanity Exercise the spiritual gene values that were planted by your ancestors or role models in the community. Know who you are and strive to open new areas of service that others have not yet explored. Circumstances may present themselves that will make you feel incompetent. However, remember that the green grass under your feet can inspire, strengthen and guide you to abundant success. Determine to be a champion as you persevere and jump the hurdles of obstacles and disappointments.

Your goals will be realized in proportion to how much you water the green grass under your feet.

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