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Cross-dresser robs bank

A cross-dresser toting a gun held up Fidelity Bank’s Robin Hood branch on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway yesterday and kidnapped the bank’s manager after he took what is reported to be a substantial amount of money, police said.

The robbery, which was executed in under seven minutes, left employees traumatized and prompted bank officials to shut down the branch for the day.

According to police, the robber–a tall dark male wearing a wig, shades, make-up and heels–entered Fidelity’s Money Centre around 10:30 a.m. carrying a large gift box and asked to see the manager.

When the manager came out, the robber allegedly escorted her to her office and demanded that she take him to an area where the money is deposited called”the chute”. She then allegedly told him that the chute had been cleaned out already for the morning.

Eyewitnesses said the robber then demanded that the manager open the vault and give him the money.

The gunman reportedly loaded$50 and$100 bills from the vault into the large gift box he was carrying.

Police said the robber then forced the manager outside and then into her 2005 navy blue Toyota Camry where he made her drive to Bethel Avenue in the area of Yellow Elder Gardens where he exited the vehicle in an unknown direction.

The manager reportedly returned to the bank minutes later unharmed.

Inspector Chris Wright toldThe Nassau Guardianon the scene that the incident was isolated. He said no one from Robin Hood was robbed. The bank is located in the store.

Some employees of the store said they were unaware that a robbery had even taken place. Several people said they saw the man walk in and out of Robin Hood but added that they did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

They said they did not initially realize that the person was actually a man.

“At this time we are asking members of the public who may have seen any individual at this location who was dressed as a female wearing a wig and dark shades to come forward and give us some indication of who that individual may be,”Wright said.

Fidelity President Gregory Bethel said no employee or customer was harmed.

“However, several employees were traumatized and were counseled by specialists,”Bethel said.

Psychiatrist Timothy Barrett counseled the employees.

The branch is expected to reopen as usual today.

Anyone with any information on the robbery is asked to contact police at 502-9991 or the nearest police station.

Police said the robber had a”Jamaican/Bahamian”accent.

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