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A boy’s fight with cancer

When Zordella Mullings and Javon Frazer Sr. insured their son as a baby they did not know how desperately they would need that coverage.

Less than a year after they began claiming on that insurance policy, the$1 million available to them had been used.

Javon Frazer Jr., 5, has stage three Burkitts Lymphoma. A playful game between mother and son led to the discovery that would change life for the young family.

It was about one year ago when Mullings said she felt the lump on he son’s stomach. She said her son had the annoying habit of rubbing her stomach. On a January day she returned the favor to”show him how it felt”. That’s when Mullings realized that something was wrong.

The following day, the couple took the four-year-old to the hospital. An ultrasound scan was performed. That test revealed three large masses that covered his chest cavity.

Javon was diagnosed with cancer on January 18, his parents said. By October 5, the$1 million insurance policy was exhausted.

His medical bills have surpassed$350,000 in the three months since, Frazer Sr. said.

Making matters worse Mullings was forced to quit her job and drop out of college to travel with her son to the United States where he is being treated.

Mullings was only 10 classes away from graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education.

She quit her job last year at the Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center and has been in Miami since her son’s diagnosis.

Mullings said she only returns home to ensure that she does not overstay in the United States. She is allowed to stay in the country for periods of six months at a time.

Mullings returned to New Providence on Tuesday and returned to Miami yesterday afternoon. Her son is being treated at the Miami Children’s Hospital.

She said Javon recently received a stem cell transplant. Mulllings said doctors say that if that last effort does not work, there is nothing else they can do for him.

Doctors are expected to run a CT scan on Javon at the end of this month.

Mullings said if the cancer is still active, he will likely have to be transferred to another hospital.

“The doctors are concerned because he never went into remission. The cancer is always there,” she said.

Burkitt’s lymphoma commonly affects children with highly aggressive life-threatening tumors. However, it is also one of the more curable forms of lymphoma.

For the past year the small family has been hoping Javon beats the disease.

“There’s just one bill after the next,”said his father.”It’s been a roller-coaster since we exhausted the insurance policy.”

Frazer Sr. said they have been financing the treatment. Since October Javon’s total medical bill has climbed to$351,000, Frazer Sr. said.

The parents said they would accept any help that’s offered, including prayers.

Money can be donated to the Scotiabank account 1006892.

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