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Teams battle to the finish in the NPVA

Due to a competitive season in the New Providence Volleyball Association(NPVA), on the men’s end, a clear pennant winner will not be decided until the final whistle is blown on Friday night, confirmed league’s President De’Vince Smith.

The Scotiabank Defenders, National Fence Intruders and Technicians are the top three teams. Only one game separates the Defenders from the two remaining teams, so a lost by them, in either one of their upcoming games could force a three-way playoff.

Smith said: ”The men’s division is very competitive so we won’t know until Friday when the Scotiabank Defenders take on the defending champions, the National Fence Intruders. As of today, the Defenders have lost one game and have positioned themselves to repeat as the league’s pennant winners, for the third consecutive year. However, that team has two competitive matches, Wednesday and Friday. If they win any of those matches, they will clinch the pennant, but if they lose both games, it will be a three-way tie for first which will mean there will have to be a playoff between the three teams, to determine the positioning as they head into the playoffs.”

On the women’s side, the six-time defending champions, the Scottsdale Vixens lead the way over the Johnson’s Lady Truckers who will likely finish as runners-up in the pennant race, despite a win over the Vixens on Friday night. The remaining teams in the playoffs will be the Lady Techs and the College of The Bahamas Lady Caribs, which are now ranked third and fourth respectively. The junior female team, the Cougars, won two games this season, which was considered impressive wins, but this year was a disappointing one for the Champions, who will fall short of the playoffs.

Overall, Smith said the league was very competitive and that should be reflected at the national level, as top players look to compete for national team spots.

“The defending champions, the Vixens, are playing well and that was expected. We also knew that the Lady Truckers would have challenged them for the top spot. The other teams still need a little work, but they were able to keep the league competitive so that is good,”said Smith.”The rivalry will continue between the Vixens and the Lady Truckers this year, and we will wait to see who will come out on top. The Lady Truckers have added a few players but there is a core of solid players on the Vixens team so the games will be exciting.

“The playoffs to me, will be a practice for the top two women’s teams, but the men will have to come out and play if they want to win. Nothing will be given to any of the teams because they are all looking for bragging rights. The Technicians and Defenders want nothing more than to dethrone the Intruders, and the added plus this year is that all the teams have current or former national team players, so we can expect some hard-hitting action.”

If the Defenders are able to win both games, the playoffs will start on Sunday. If they are unsuccessful, the playoff between the top three teams will be scheduled for Sunday. The women’s series is based on the outcome of their games.

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