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In darkness we appreciate the life

In the September edition of The Daily Word I read a short piece which gave me the title for this article’In darkness we appreciate the light’. The piece reads as follows”Noticing the tender petals of a flower, the gentle smile of a baby, or the warm hug of a friend, I am filled with awe at the wonder of The Divine. I stand in gratitude for the blessings that manifest in and through me and others. I embrace my life, and I look for ways to further honor the Divine Presence in me through my words and work.

I am grateful for the experiences that have brought me to this moment. Even in times of struggle, I can see that God was present. Through moments of darkness, I discovered a deeper appreciation for the light. I celebrate and honor The Divine within. I celebrate who I am and the blessings of this lifetime”. As usual, a simply great piece of writing from The Daily Word.

Yes indeed, there’s no doubt about it, when we pass through a period of great turmoil in our life, and having weathered the storm, emerge eventually to navigate much more peaceful times, it surely gives us a tremendous feeling of satisfaction, that we did indeed weather the storm. As the title of this article puts it’In darkness we appreciate the light….yes indeed we most certainly do!

In other words, sometimes we all have to suffer a little, or maybe a whole lot, before we finally come to our senses and begin to see’The

Light’. It is through great struggles that so many of us finally get to reach The Promised Land, and by going through difficult times, we really get to fully appreciate the good times, when they finally show up.

I guess that the theme here again today, leads us ultimately back to one of my favorite sayings, and that is that everything is in fact in

‘Divine Order’, that is both the darkness and the light, the good times and the not so good times. Life in the long run is a learning experience, and as we all know, so often we learn a lot of extremely important lessons from our mistakes, when we fail miserably and thus find ourselves in total darkness, so to speak.

However, when we pick ourselves up, stop feeling sorry for ourselves, and finally flip the switch once again, thus becoming very successful and basking in The Light of Accomplishment; that’s when we fully appreciate the dark times, and the fact, that God assisted us to once again enter The Light.


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