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National Stadium high on 2011 priority list

The National Stadium will be high on the 2011 priority list. The entire country is now primed for the official unveiling of a fully completed state-of-the-art multi-purpose National Stadium in 2011.

Down at the site, the anchor project within the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, Chinese workers in the extremely productive environment fostered by the People’s Republic of China, are moving along at a truly incredible and efficient pace.

It’s amazing to see them function so professionally as the principal part of the grand complex moves closer to the finish, piece by piece. At present, windows and doors are in, floors are being tiled, the roof of one section is completed and workers are near to completion of the grandstand/VIP roof. The Chinese are doing their part.

Some concerns have been expressed however about the rest of the work, the connecting infrastructure to be put in place by workers organized by the Bahamian Government. Youth, Sports and Culture Minister, Charles Maynard offered this update earlier in the week.

“We are still hopeful that by July the essentials will be in place for an official hand-over. After that, the work would continue on the green zone,”said Minister Maynard.

It would really be good if at some time soon, Minister Maynard finds himself in a”more definite”position regarding the stadium. There is a tremendous body of work still to be done. When the Chinese side is finished, the green zone will present quite a challenge for the government. The big concern here, as expressed before in this space, is whether the Bahamian workers will be able to come anywhere near the pace of the Chinese workers.

They will have to, if all of the completion stages of the project are to be attained on a timely basis. The green zone includes all of the work outside of the stadium, inclusive of the electrical, sewerage, cable infrastructure; roads, parking and landscaping. Engineers who are familiar with the aforementioned works, would certainly be concerned, as will be many others.

Minister Maynard, who represents the government in this instance, faces a monumental task.

What about the management company?

It’s one to think about, regarding the Sports Authority taking charge of the National Stadium.

Where is the Sports Authority?When will that entity be up and running?

Indeed, it’s a tough road ahead for Minister Maynard.

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