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BEC apologizes for power outages

Widespread power outages at Eleuthera particularly Harbour Island and North Eleuthera have prompted a review of the island-wide Bahamas Electricity Corporation(BEC)electricity generation and distribution network.

BEC said in a statement that a technical team from New Providence was on Eleuthera yesterday helping local technicians investigate what caused a series of power failures between January 1 and 7.

The corporation claimed that around noon on January 1, a circuit breaker at the North Eleuthera plant tripped, causing an island-wide outage that also affected Harbour Island.

“BEC’s on island team corrected the problem and power was fully restored by 4:30 p.m.,”said BEC in the statement, which was released yesterday.

“Between Monday, January 3, and Friday, January 7, there were a series of generator trips at the Hatchet Bay Power Station and the Harbour Island Power Station,”according to BEC.”This has resulted in numerous outages mostly affecting residents and businesses in North Eleuthera and Harbour Island.”

BEC said distribution problems were exacerbated by the failure of the north feeder at Hatchet Bay.

“With this feeder inoperable, most of the island depended solely on the south feeder at Hatchet Bay. And when there were challenges on this particular feeder, widespread outages occurred. BEC intends to repair the north feeder breaker within the next two weeks,”said BEC.

BEC also said there was an island-wide outage on December 26, 2010.

“BEC officials advise that the catastrophic malfunction of one of four new generators was the reason for this outage,”said BEC.”As the Hatchet Bay Power Station is still going through its reliability testing phase, the manufacturers of the generators are already on-site and should be responsible for the failed generator’s subsequent repair or replacement.

“The failure of this particular generator is unrelated to any of the sporadic outages experienced since January 1, 2011.”

BEC said the failed generator has not hampered the generation of adequate electricity for the North Eleuthera and Harbour Island areas.

“The Bahamas Electricity Corporation would like to ensure its customers in Eleuthera that they are working quickly to resolve the issues,”BEC said.”The corporation is requesting the patience of Eleuthera residents, especially those in North Eleuthera and Harbour Island, as it takes corrective measures to return a continuous electricity supply to its Eleuthera customers.”

BEC apologized to its customers for any inconvenience caused by the outages.

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